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New York Heads I need your knowledge.

Will keep it short Again I'll be heading to NYC somewhere in August. And normally I know how to take the train/subway around midtown from penn station to soho/Chinatown but this time I wanna put shopping to a minimum and actually go to the these places within 1 day. I need directions from you guys: We are heading to the city on Saturday and aware that some train/subway don't stop at certain station Which train to take: 1. Penn station To Battery Park (is battery park close to south seaport? ) 2. Battery Park To Soho 3. Soho to Times Square (I use to remember how to but will appreciate if you can school me again) Thanks guys

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Supreme Baseball, Zebra, Shirts Sz L 32

Paypal + YOU add 4% Meet ups Toronto/Mississauga CanadaPost w/ tracking S/S 12 Baseball Jersey - 10/10 like new BIN: SOLD [Image] Trades: Supreme White or Mint Eyes Shirt in L F/W 10 Supreme Varsity Jacket Any color F/W 10 Zebra Shorts in 34

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Grown Ups 2

hmm [Embed content]

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Caught in the woods Vol. Deer Hunter Camera

[Image] http://cubiclebot.com/news/alien-caught-on-deer-cam-is-freaky-as-hell/ Old i guess but first time seeing it lol

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Pacman got robbed?

Let's discuss how the man got cheated. Boxing = money The better fighter doesn't win

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Mistie Atkinson Vol. Some next shit

Some incest mother and son relationship WTF is going on.....? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2137926/Mother-Mistie-Atkinson-sex-tape-son-16-sent-naked-photos-herself.html?ICO=most_read_module

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When is Boston Crab Season?!?!

Me and the Fam is planning to go to Boston maybe for a weekend. Now just a heads up we all loved crabs and one of the reason why we planning to go to Boston aside from looking at shit. Can anyone school me when's crab season and which type of crab is it. Thanks

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Adam Yauch aka MCA of Beastie Boys

My man is dead. Dang another legend taken by the Lord

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Supreme Bomber Jacket

Paypal only + 4% fees Can do meet ups. Toronto/Sauga GTA area PM me here or email me @ [email]djorts@yahoo.ca[/email] Bomber Jacket released in F/W 2010. Duck brown colorway zipped up with dark brown collar fur lining and dark brown arm ribbing. 2 front boxed button pockets. Red interior lining with a single inside pocket on the left chest. Wore it to go dinner but can pass as DS. Got it new but does not fit me well. Would want to keep it but its too small for me. Size Large Measurements P2P - 22 Length - 27 BIN - 250shipped fees included [Image] Preferred cash but will do trade in L

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I need to learn how to play League!

Finally got a bomb ass PC and started league yesterday lolol but Yo add me up: NikkasInParis I know some of you play like ahhhrt Someone school me some tips smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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Singapore Trip 3 days 2 nights HELP

Hello everyone. I am planning to go to Singapore with my girl in December for 3 days 2 nights. First of, Me and my girl are from Canada but are South East Asian background. This will be our first time ever stepping in to Singapore. I been actually searching things to do in Singapore off Trip Advisor but I actually want to hear from actual experiences from you guys Things I want to do: 1. Food - I prefer local stuff. Singaporean, Chinese or any sort of local stuff. Hawkers? Where do I go? Chilli Crab? Laksa? 2. Shop - Streetwear, Electronics 3. Site Seeing (tourist stuff) - Singapore Zoo/Night Safari/Jurong Bird park? (Which one is worth the experience ? Can probably only do one due to short period of stay) China Town? (def gotta go) Sentossa? (Whats there to do in Sentossa) 4. Party - Clarke Quay area? Harbour? 5. Spas - My girl loves these things. At least 1 morning for her will do. Seems like I want to do so much for just 3 days? Yes i knowwww but the reason why i want to plan this shit really good and use almost all my time schedule properly. Aside from all these? any tips to do or not to do in Singapore? THANKS!

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Montreal for the weekend

[B]Mods pls don't move this thread to the Canada section. That section is dead[/B] Aight. So I'll be in Montreal this weekend from Friday to Sunday. I am going with my girl and it's for our anniversary. Was either to go Montreal or Chicago. But decided to do stay in the canadaland. Staying right in the downtown Montreal. Any ideas on: 1) Where to go eat? I am looking for some sort of nice local fast food for a quick bite for lunch and maybe a nice ass fancy dinner for supper. You know fancy anniversary dinner 2) Where to party? Lounge, bar or clubs??? I been to 2 clubs last year when I was there for my boys stag party. Tokyo Bar and can't remember the next one. Shuffle music, house or hiphop. 3) Which Strip club is nice? I went to this strip Super Sexe last year. Girls was nice and all but is there any other strip club in the downtown area? Me and my girl planning to hit up a strip probably after hitting the bar/club/lounge for kicks. 4) What to do during days? I know there's that St. Joseph church on top of the hill but I been there once. Any other suggestions? Tourist stuff I guess will do. Most of what I am asking is for things a couple can do in Montreal. Day night and in between! Thanks

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WTF just happened in the Mayweather VS Ortiz fight?

Ortiz got knocked out off a timeout?!??! Hahaha

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Supreme Small Box Logo Crewneck Navy DS

Paypal ONLY you add 4% Meet ups my place and time CanadaPost Expidited $28 to anywhere in Canada $32 to anywhere in USA Crewneck is new! Only tried on still in it's original bag! $130 + Shipping + 4% [Image] Looking to trade my XL [B]navy Small Box Logo Crewneck [/B] for a size L in any color except red Or offer me trades in L/34/Zebra Backpack Cheapest listed here in HB Pm me pls!

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