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Whats a good all purpose lens for a canon?

I think the 50mm is a must, it's a cheap lens, but you get the most bang for your buck. Its currently on sale right now, not sure if I'm allowed to post the hyperlink tho.

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Camo Pants

Anybody know what kind Cudi had on in Mercy?

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When did you first get into fashion

Shocking it was in 12th grade, which was in 09, I wet to a urban school and we had a select few who wore some fashionable pieces but no one appreciated them, back then I use to hang around a rather large friend so he mainly wore over sized t shirts and jeans, normally RocaWear as thats all they really made for him so I kind of wore that. It wasn't until later that year where I start doing my own thing, in Detroit it was a rough transition, but eventually I went from getting cracked on to people telling me how nice the fits were, I really stood out in my college classes and I've been addicted ever since.

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Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black, AT&T! Brand New in Box

Just read the rules, I apologize.

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Do You Care About Socks?

Rarely catch me in any kind of socks, I own 3 different pair... Well 4, generic socks for when I wear generic shoes (new balance, vans etc...) I have Nike socks for when I wear Nike, and occasionally you may catch me in the generic ones too, adidas socks for when I hoop as I hoop in mostly Crazy 8 variations, then my dress socks. I few socks do appeal to me though, Huf did a pretty good job, as well as Stance... but those are mainly for spring/summer.

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Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

My first hoodie, it isn't 100% complete and Friends and Family only, clean simple look. I'm hoping to get some samples for my first season pretty soon, with a Spring/Summer release, in the mean time, just rare promo drops. This one, the proceeds actually go to the fight for aids in Africa. Im a big fan of PRODUCT (RED) items, hence the Red R, though last minute changes my drop it. [Image] -RIVALS

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