who wants a puppy pit?

Hey whats goin on fellas, i haven't been on these boards in a while, even tho i've been lurkin a lil bit lately, but i'm sellin my dog and i thought i should put it out there to all my nyc heads, if you wanna come take a look at her, she's a beautiful pup, going on 6 months... she's 3/4 pitbull and 1/4 rhodesian ridgeback.... chocalate brown coat with a white spot on her chest and white back toes.... green eyes.... here's some pics of her... she has all her shots and i wanna sell her with her house cage and travel cage, less money for u to spend.... i was thinking about 500.... which is a bargain since i spent more than that on her shots and both cages... but im accepting offers, i just want her to have a good home, she's a great dog..... let me know fellas..... [Image]

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So, I got fired cuz of Hypebeast...

lol, not really, but i did get fired, and when my ex-manager brought me into his office to tell me, it was like he was just telling me bullshit and not giving me a legitimate excuse as to why he was firing me... i mean he said that i'm "too laid back"... my job is sitting at a desk answering a phone and putting shit on the computer all day, how hyper do you want me to be? well, whatever, that got me tight, but i told my old manager at p.c. richard what happened and he offered to bring me back with a promotion, basically makin the same money i was makin at the other job... so discounts for hb fam in the new york area, just let me know, but sadly, i won't be here nearly as much as i used to be...

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This makes me want to quit skating after 1 day

[URL] LOL, the end is the best part, where the dude goes head first into the park bench... shit

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Help finding this tee

[URL] i saw this tee on digital gravel from shalom.... its the only piece of clothing i've seen that would match the marc gonzalez adidas that i just bought, if anybody could tell me where to find one in a large i would be greatly appreciated.... im so tight they only have xxl.... anyways, thanx in advance...

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New Kicks: Which ones you like better?

This week im tryina get one or two new pairs of kicks, last pair of kicks i bought were the hulks a couple months ago... It's between the pusheads, brian andersons, unluckys, melvins (black), tiffs are a lil stretch but i'd still get em.. iowa's.... and yea, thats about it... I would post pics but thats a lotta work, most of you most likely know what they all look like anyway.... let me know what you think fellas

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Think i might have a problem...

Alright, i ordered a few tees from DG.com on the 16th of December.... they haven't gotten here yet.. i wanna know if you guys have ordered from them before and how long does it take usually... i know it shouldn't be this long, fuck... and what exactly should i do now... the email account where they sent my reciept to was closed, so i don't even have that anymore... i tried calling them and they said they won't be back in the office until jan. 2nd... where's my shit???

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rod laver's

anybody know anything about some rod laver's... my boy had some exclusive ones, they were black with a little red on em, wit neon laces... if anybody knows what im talking about i'd appreciate sum help locating these cuz i want em... thanx fellas

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why would you do this....

OD, let me know how long it takes you to realize this is fake..... [URL]

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Can anyone help, having Ipod problems..

I don't know if this has happened to any of you before, but if anybody could help out i'd appreciate it.... Whenever i connect my Ipod to my computer it gives me this message, "The Ipod "Rico" cannot be updated. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." Basically, it doesn't tell me which file, that's all it says, i can't put anything new on my ipod, and i really would hate to know that i spent 300 dollars about 6 months ago on this and its already fucked up, i even took it to the apple store and they told me to go on some website and find a solution for it.... assholes..... can someone help me out, thanx in advance fellas

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