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Overplayed Songs on the radio

i know there's a few songs that just keep playing over and overr again on the radio. a lot of them are local hits not everyone have heard of. the ones around my way are: Souja Boy feat. sammie - kiss me threw the phone Jeremih - Birthday Sex Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (CALLE OCHO) David Rush Feat. Kevin Rudolf & Pitbull - Shooting Star there's some i just can't remember right now

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Paypal scammed

What can paypal do about a scam? Like if you sent money to someone for something and they never sent it?

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Feedback: kickrocker

My feed back thread make a reply tell me how you feelblushing

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Being Called a Hypebeast

[SIZE="4"]is the term hypebeast okay to be called? or is it an insult?[/SIZE]

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