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21st bday gift ideas for a female

my homegirl is turning 21 next week and i need some bday gift ideas. my initial idea was to buy a small handheld engraver and her fave bottle of alky so that her friends and i can sign the bottle. this is a pretty good idea, except her bday is gonna be at a restaurant. the best possible place for every1 to sign the bottle would be at a house party coz 1. the engraver i was planning to buy needs to be plugged in a wall socket, and 2. engraving a glass bottle is loud as fuck. if the party was gonna be at a house i'd def do this, but it isnt so yea. im probly gonna fall back on this idea, but i wanna listen to your ideas on other kinds of gifts to get.

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Ipod in the car

so, a few months back my ipod got jacked. anywayz, im in the works towards getting a new one. im stuck between buying a classic, or an itouch. is an itouch worth it? and how easy is it to use while in the car, specifically, switching songs around while driving?

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wingman system

before i decided to look it up, i always had it in my head that a wingman is someone who helps you get chicks. i decided to look it up on urbandictionary, coz they always define shit in the most interesting ways. im not gonna directly quote it, coz i dont feel like cutting and pasting, but the gist of how they defined wingman is someone who accompanies you when [you and yur homie are out at say a bar or a club] and you wanna go for a hottie, but her ugly friend with her is in the way; the wingman distracts the ugly chick while you go for the hottie. the point of this thread: i know for some people its bros over hoes, but im thinkin, y the fuck would i waste my time dealin with an ugly chick while my homie is engaging a hottie. im down for my homies and all, but i wanna chase some tail too. shit. is this really how the wingman system works? how do you guys employ the wingman system?

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swiss army watches

hey all, i was wondering if any1 knows where i can fix up a swiss amry watch. i got one as a gift, and the time piece is great and all, but it has red leather straps that are ugly as fuck. i wanna replace the red leather with either black leather or a chain band. any1 know where i can have this done?

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Monster massive 2008

anyone goin to monster this year? see ya there... this rave marks my 1 yr of raving haha

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Blizz-Con 2008 (Blizzard Entertainment)

so yeah... my staffing agency sent me to work at Blizz-Con for the past 2 days. i heard tickets were 100 bucks (what a rip), but i got paid to be there. i didnt get to play any games but w/e... easy 10/hr job ever. anyways... i got to see people play starcraft 2, diablo 3, and the new WoW expansion: Wrath of the Lich king. anyways... i started this thread for people to discuss blizzard games. -starcraft 2 looks badass -WoW... they said that with the new expansion u can go up to lvl 80 -diablo 3... at the convention, it looked a lot much better than the first videos posted up online. i would say it still looks evil... but with the graphics and the magic animations, it looks kinda WoW-ish... which most diablo veterans are against haha

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who went to EDC. cali, or colorado... doesnt matter it was a blast

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does any1 here go to any raves, with the dropping and rolling, the crazy light sticks and wut not... with that said, is anyone goin to how sweet it is in march?

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what is he wearing

yeah, probly posted in the lrg post, but its too big to search. wut jacket is jonas wearing? [URL]

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professionals with style

not to say that if u have a career (not a job) that u cant rock fly kicks, but are there any professionals or anybody here with a career that rock kicks and fly threads when not at work. im a nurse, but at night or on days off i rock my dope hoodies and fly kicks and shit like that. i ask coz me and some of the homies wonder if there are any lawyers or doctors, or people of that caliber who like to stay fresh when not in they're work clothes.

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