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What pic effect is this?

Ignore the actual cars in the pics, but how can I achieve this kind of affect through PS or LR? [Image]

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Grow as a photographer

I just picked up a T3i on the cheap a few days ago and have been messing around with it. I always wanted to get into shooting, but never had any real photography knowledge. I've been looking around, and photography must be the single hardest thing to progress through as an artist. Yeah, you can take classes or even teach yourself, but photography enters so many realms of techniques and styles that it's hard to grasp it all. IMO, you can go through years of taking pictures, but you will still go so far in terms of developing techniques and stuff. True? Where should I begin now. What is the best way to learn and grow in photography, especially for beginners? Any advice appreciated. P.S. this hobby be killing the bank doe

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Nastiest denim stories?

Living day to day with denim that you don't wash for a long time probably leads to some nasty ass stories. The type of stories where something bad happens to your jeans and you have to decide between washing and continue wearing. Mine: Brother is a dick as always and had his pee stream mobbing all under the toilet seat. Not knowing what happened, I lifted the toilet seat with my fingers and was straight up disgusted, and out of reflex wiped my fingers on my jeans. Soaked the pee part, but I think I still smell it. smh

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Can someone id these shoes?


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Asian Penis Pickup

[URL] I lol'd. Can't figure out if bs or real.

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Gold Cross Necklace

Can't remember where on hb I found this, but it might've been someone's fit. [Image] Where can I acquire such a necklace? Can I walk into a macys and find one?

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Talk To Me

So I was browsing around Karmaloop and saw this... [URL] Why the fuck...

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Worthwhile Anime Movies

What are some oldschool anime movies that are worth watching? Mainly looking for older stuff that are actually movies and not a series.

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CGI nudity in movies...

[URL] Smh.

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Current Affairs Subforum

Read up on the thread about it a while ago, is this still gonna happen?

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looking for some earphones under $50 that actually sound decent. Any suggestions?

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