OFFICIAL First Car Thread

Just make sure to get RWD. Depending on budget its up in the air.

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Auto Touch Up Paint

Touch up paint is something that really depends on the damage. Small chips down to primer are easier than having to redo the primer and then put the paint. Also, look into this stuff [URL] , we used it all the time at my detail shop when doing small chip repairs ( helps with a smooth non blobby appearance). As for Failure... Getting a car painted a new color , if done right, is down right exp upwards of 3-5. Thing is you have to redo all the jams, under the hood, and a shit ton of other little nooks , which puts in Booko hours of labor. New interior is much the same, seat color and door panels and cards are not as expensive if you can do em yourself and have someone else just reupholster them.

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Chris Bangle Quits BMW

I am not a Big bangle fan. He really ruined the lines that we so timely and beautiful in the e36 series. He ruined the roadster ( Z3 and Z4) as well. I agree he may have made them more modern looking , but in the process lost a good bit of traditional styling along the way.

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