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[URL] To collect your winnings you will be contacted, once contacted send a web link to the t shirt you want with an name and address and we will provide you with tracking number after we recieve confirmation on purchase.

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Hot mixes and remixes

https://soundcloud.com/bombayprice/fetty-wap-ft-2pac-remy-boyz-679-remix Post some daily mixes and remixes. There are dope daily mixes on this channel

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Hot remix, the game nas & drake 100

cool remix i found on soundcloud just going thru music, what you guys think? [Embed content]

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Yeezy foams for sale

9142155891 text my phone for pics and inquiry, i only have size 11 & 7.5

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[FOR SALE] RETRO 9 JORDANS Size 11 Men/ 8 Woman

Size 11 in Men & size 8 in woman, im located westchester new york... i can ship as well .. text me 9143192185 serious inquires only  [Image]

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Jay-z Signed New Artist To Roc Nation

[Embed content] Ran into this on YouTube, apparently this is Jay-Z's new artist , this is his mix tape i found on YouTube. he sounds pretty dope, what y'all think?

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Hot mixtape

Just dropped my debut cd "bombay price" please check out and give me feedback, i know im suppose to put this on unsigned part of forum but its flooded and know one pays attention to that. http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=504998

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Big Pun I aint a Killer

I just wanted to share this artist "Andre Price" Aka Bombay Price freestyle he did to that big pun beat, i think this person is a freah of breath air not like this 2 chainz bull we hear on the radio check it out and let me know what you think. http://youtu.be/cUdJGOYIEc4

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watch my video post of me breakin down my lyrics to my new song godfather which you could download here limelinx.com/d72lw [Embed content]

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Hello, I go by the name of Andre Price i'm a rapper/producer repping #Hgang, Become a member of Hooligan Gang & Download my Intro to my latest project (mix tape) "Bombay Price" Also Follow Me On Twitter @BombayPrice & My Instagram: Pricelesstimesz .. i appreciate the love! you are now HGANG! #REP --->download link http://limelinx.com/cf0wc OR JUST LISTEN.... ( Please Leave FeedBack) [Embed content]

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download my intro to my debut mixtape "Bombay Price" soon to be released .. http://limelinx.com/cf0wc leave some feedback and let me know what yall think!

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get a chance to win $50 !

hey guys, im doing raffle for my labels latest compilation mixtape "Potent Product" and we are hosting an online raffle that if you buy our mixtape from our site (http://breadboye.com) for 5 bucks you will be entered in a raffle to win $50 bucks ! the slogan is "have a chance to flip your money from that potent product" you could also just listen to the mixtape on the breadboye music group section of the site but obviously its not for download, i just hope i could have the support of hypebeast since i been dealin with this site for a while now (despite the new name) i just want to thank those who will support the raffle and those who just gave it a listen!

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im looking for some logos to be designed... hit me up asap or email me breadboye@gmail.com i'll respond asap it goes straight to my phone

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[Embed content] Tay Sito’s (also known as “TNAUTI”) up and coming music video “Smoke & Fly” which is a one verse freestyle will be released soon, this is the “Making Of” promo which also features other products released under breadboye entertainment recently or will soon be released. Such as, “HG3″ which is Blizzy Don’s up and coming mixtape which should be dropped this month, as well as tone mythology’s instrumental album which has already been released. Breadboye entertainment & Straight Cash Records is taking over the game as we speak so stay tuned and watch out for that new Tay Sito music video which will be released soon!

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Affordable Music Videos For Artist

Breadboye films are now doing affordable hd music videos for artist ... email us at breadboye@gmail.com if your in NY..heres one of our OLD videos just so you can see the quality , we hired a new editor with professional skills .. but heres something we did a while back... [Embed content]

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