Scammer: queester2345

Made a deal with this user on Monday for his iPhone 3G 16GB for $250 CAD (CANADIAN DOLLARS)shipped. He asked me to send him the phone as a Personal Gift so that he wouldnt get charged with Paypal fees and he could send it faster. Believing him, I sent it as he said. [Quote] It is now Friday, and I have only heard from this user once since I have sent in the money. Paypal states that he has already confirmed and accepted the money. He replied on Wednesday saying : i was wanting on the payment to go through first bro im sorry i told u it wasnt going through because of the canadian dollar sorry it took so long for me to get back to u bro! when i check the money its said something crazy about being in canadian dollars or something i dont know whats going on I have messaged him both Thursday and Today telling him I will report him to paypal as a scammer. I have been on Hypebeast to check if he has been online, and it says he has been online both days, meaning he is simply ignoring my messages. Anyone else done any deals with this guy??

2 Weeks ago in Buyer/Seller Feedback