[FS] Visvim Veritus Folk US sz 8.5

Tried on indoors only, never worn outside. No box no tags. S/O: 400USD BIN: 600USD Prices include paypal and worldwide shipping from Japan. [Image] More questions? e-mail me: miguel.mision@gmail.com

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Luggage bags

My ye olde travel bag of no importance broke. Figured I should invest in a decent luggage/travel bag. Anyone recommend any good brands? Looking for something carrying 20kgs, preferably a trolley design.

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VAT for Non-EU customers

So I'm a bit confused how this VAT charge works. Some places waiver the VAT for non-EU customers. Others insist that even though I live outside of Europe I still have to pay tax?

2 Weeks ago in Europe

[WTB] Visvans 8.5-9

Not too fussed if they're DS or not. Also, as I live in Australia I am ofcourse prepared to cover all the postage costs. Please PM me.

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[Undercover] 2008 Discussion Thread

So I just saw these bags on the recent hypebeast article. Anyone know specifically where to get the collab one? [URL] I've searched through their site, they don't seem to have it.

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I'm trying to get my hands on some "Only ship in US" items. Has anyone used vpostasia.com before? They're a courier service where basically when you buy something online it'll get shipped to one of their depots, then they ship something over to you. Handy for situations just like this. They seem pretty legit and decent, I'm just a little concerned about handing over my credit card details upon signing up. HAs anyone got any other recommendations to use?

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Sydney fashion = fail

I don't know if this is just a Sydney or an Australia thing.. But FFS, how did Sydney fashion turn into the most flamingly retarded shit spat out by a donkey eating paint? Seriously, this shit continues to drive me nuts. Guys wearing fluro coloured stencil shirts showing off their man-cleavage, denim fagpants that would look hot if a chick wore them....but they're not chicks.... And the duran duran headbands ............... Seriously....this shit wasn't even cool in the 80s....Just because the mannequins in GP sport this crap doesn't mean it looks fly. People need to find their own sense of style and thinkg for themselves for a change. GUH I hate Sydney trends sometimes..

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