Vancouver Consignment Store

Hi all, I am just trying to see what your thoughts are of a consignment store in Vancouver. This store would specialize mainly in kicks but apparel is always welcome. Would you support such a store? For those who do not know what consignment is, it is basically a method of selling merchandise. If you have apparel or footwear you would like to sell, this store would be able to help you shelf it and sell it to customers. Upon this sale, the store would receive a small commission while the rest would be given back to its original owner. If you would like to see an example of this concept, check out Flight Club in USA. They specialize in rare/limited Air Jordan kicks as well as other limited/rare footwear. Please express your opinions about this consignment concept! Would you support/participate in it?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

HK Help me out!

Hey everyone, I will be going to HK in about a month or so and I am looking for lot's of shoes but don't know if they are still available... I am also pretty new to HK so if you can provide addresses or areas to me then it will be greatly appreciated! I am looking for Nike LeBron VII China "Moon Cake" shoes and also Nike Dunk Heineken's too! Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Hong Kong

Startup brand question

Hey HB, I amm deciding to start up a brand straight from scratch by myself but one of the things I am uncertain about is the procedure. I know I need to copyright a lot of things like the brand name, logo etc etc...but I am quite new to this. Does anyone know the procedure? After that, I plan on making designs for the shirts with Photoshop beforehand and probably posting it up to see if its appreciated or not, if it is, I will be starting up a website for purchases etc etc... From there I guess I could try to expand to selling at shops? I was just wondering if theres anyone on HB that has tried doing this and has fallen into some trouble? Thanks for your help! Renn. (I will keep you all updated!)

2 Weeks ago in Fashion