[FS] DEADSTOCK Dertbag x Cam'ron L/S t shirt size XL

Very rare piece. Never worn or tried on. Best offer wins. [Image]

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[FS] Black Nike x Supreme foamposites size 10

Just copped from a hookup in NY. On my phone so no pics yet. Will post pics when I get home, I do actually have them them. offer away.

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[FS] Vintage Premium Shirts L/XL 100% Cotton Made In Italy

pm me for measurements. United Colors of Benetton shirt = $100 shipped Abstract shirt = $80 shipped wish I could upload direct pics but tinypic takes 2 long. heres the full imgur album of both shirts w/ tags: [URL]

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This guy goes hard. [Embed content]

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[FS] PRICE DROP OG Supreme x Martha Cooper XL #RARE #RARE #RARE

Up for grabs is a #rare og supreme x martha cooper XL shirt. 9/10 condition, some slight fading at the bottom of the shirt but it is absolutely unnoticeable. BIN: $140 shipped [Image]

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[FS PRICE DROP EVEN MORE] Supreme x CDG Navy Camo Red Box Logo Size XL

price: $170 shipped [Image]

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[FS] Supreme Snakeskin Polo L and rare I Love Ugly button ups

All deadstock, never worn. Supreme Snakeskin Polo size Large : $180 + shipping [Image]

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What Happened To the Photo Competitions?

They were pretty cool. Also what happened to the arts section getting a feature on the main page?

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FS Navy Floral Camp Cap With Very Nice Placement

pics are here: http://imgur.com/a/IGbWo $120 OBO, you pay shipping.

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Photo crewnecks

Can anyone point me in the direction of some really dope photo crewnecks?

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Crazy Neighborhoods VOL. Karachi

[Embed content]

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Can anyone recommend some street art documentaries?

I saw banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and I am hooked on this art-style and I want to get a better understanding of what it is/how to make it.

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Question about fabric printing

How does it work? Is it just like a big ass printer where you put the fabric in and it gets printed on? Has anyone had experience with this?

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all my friends dont do the shit i want to do

im tryin to find people to fuck with but its pretty hard. also most days at night i start to feel sad and shit cus i have no one to skate around and chill with. what should i do?

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Best program for video-editing?

I need one for a video. What is the best?

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