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[WTB] Supreme tyson

wtb supreme tyson in white or black or heather grey,red if i cant get hold of either of the aforementioned. SIZE LARGE. must post to australia. please PM.

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

what do you guys think or know about Australia?

just wondering what your perception of Australia is? for example do you think we all ride kangaroo's and shit? or tht we are all exactly like steve irwin/crocadile dundee? any questions you got? maybe i can answer. just interesed in what people think about my country as we hear americans have some crazy ideas about us.

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Australian Streetwear brands

sup? im new here, check the site out regularly and have been lurking the forums for quite a while. thought i'd make a thread out of boredom. would love to know what people think are the best aussie "streetwear" brands? (there arent many what i would call true streetwear labels out there) i'd have to say Grand scheme from melbourne are pretty cool. will have to give some thought and see if i can list some more. keen to hear peoples thoughts.

2 Weeks ago in Australia