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Hidden Characters - 2017 Discussion Thread

Big ups to HC for coming through for HB forums mad respect for staying connected with your fan base all the way up until our final days here, wish y'all the best fr. thinking about stocking the white for the memories smokeyface

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effulgence - 2017 Discussion Thread

^^^If you can make it happen and drop a tee exclusive for HB fam, ending the forums with a huge bang would be GOAT

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Announcing the Official Closure of The HYPEBEAST Forums - 8/31

Damn. Had to come back after seeing my homie post about this, but in all honesty and on some real shit, HB forums has been a huge influence on me from when I started lurking in 2011. I'll never forget the laughs/good times I had from the trolling and all the random discussions we shared in off-topic. HB forums will forever be an underrated and an unknown influence in the streetwear scene. Shout out to the strong and loyal user base who made this forum what it was and continues to be up until the closure. Regardless of the closure, I'll definitely come back to reminisce every once in a while. Much love to the HB fam and the og brands who started in this forum being og ronin, triumvir, HC, and effulgence for me. #hbweoutdis smh

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[Supreme] - Spring/Summer 2017 Discussion

[Quote] would have caused too many problems in NYC e.g. foam drop

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effulgence - 2017 Discussion Thread

missed out on this but the attention to detail and packaging is always on point.

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Is this site legit? Seems very good to be true

If it seems too good to be true, then you already have your answer.

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Pink Dolphin Spring 2017

hopefully this brand dies off soon, they've been around for too long already

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Official OG Status

[Quote] definitely agreed. hb forums changed the streetwear culture and certainly influenced my preference in fashion

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Success without Bots?

just be swift. Been like that for a while and even moreso now.

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Hidden Characters - 2016 Discussion Thread

i honestly try to refrain from commenting on this thread so much but damn i cant help but give credit to where its due. those hoodies you guys received are insane. amazing detail and variety on all those items, super jealous

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Ronin - 2016 Discussion Thread

Got the sandbomber size S DS and vnds olive tonal hoodie size S, letting go for good prices hmu

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Hidden Characters - 2016 Discussion Thread

damn these sample tees are insane, super dope graphics

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Really like the idea. Been a fan of these brands for a while and whether it's an instore/online drop doesn't matter. Always showed and still continuously support HB brands. Would be cool to see a pop up shop in the hometown of each brand participating, i.e a pop up in new york hosted by ronin, pop up hosted by effu in the bay, etc. Lot of logistics that gotta go into that, let alone just one pop up but down for whatever the turn out is.

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What Laptop should i get for School

lol please, "if you want quality you have to pay the price" come on man, I've heard that so many times from people with macs is ridiculous, please compare the specs and qualities to other laptops Im not a mac hater, i do in fact think theyre super clean, portable, and user-friendly, I just dont see how people always bring up the "quality" aspect

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HB Ebbets Round 2 (PAY BY 1/23/17, check your shipping info)

Props to you man for coming through again, can't rock hats so will def be waiting for hoodies whenever it gets sorted out. def appreciate your time and effort into putting all this together while only making around a quarter per cap

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