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Need Photo Caption Suggestions

What up fellow Hypebeasters, I need some caption suggestions for some of these photo I took. Any ideas? Feel free to leave a comment in this thread. Much appreciated. Thanks! Photos have been taken down. Replies are no longer needed.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

[WTB] Raised by Wolves Toques and Ski Mask

Looking for the following winter toques from their older collections if anyone has any that their willing to part with. I'm ready to pay a reasonable price depending on what the condition of the hats are in. Leave a message in this thread or offline message me if you have anything. Thanks! Raised by Wolves - Toque from their 2008 Fall collection [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

[WTB] The Legends Leagu Die Enormous Winter Toques

I'm looking for the following winter toques from their older collections if anyone has any that their willing to part with. I'm ready to pay a reasonable price depending on what the condition of the hats are in.  Die Enormous 2011 Toque - Black/Yellow [Image] I've tried searching on eBay, and  Kijji but it doesn't seem like anyone has any LL gear that letting go of. Leave a message in this thread or offline message me if you have anything. Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Cracked iPod Touch Screen - What are my best options?

I've had my 4th generation 64GB iPod Touch for over two years, and I've tried hard to keep it in pristine condition. I always had it in its case, and was very mindful of what I did with it. I took the iPod out of the case one evening while I was sitting in my car to clear out any built up dust that was in the case. Unfortunately as I was getting out of the car I had totally forgot that the iPod was still sitting on my lap. . . It feel to the ground and the top half of the screen is completely shattered. It won't even connect to the wi-fi in my house anymore. What is the best possible option? Is it better to deal with it through Apple directly or a go to a third party? Apple said they would fix it for at a charge of $200. I would lost all of the data on the device unless I backed it up myself. Their pretty much giving me a brand new 4th generation iPod Touch if i were to go through with it. This place called GC Access in my city ([URL]) the guy said  he would fix it for me $90. Has anyone ever dealt with them before?

2 Weeks ago in Tech

TV Calibration, Advice

I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this thread but here goes. TV Calibration. Is it worth it to get your new tv calibrated? I just purchased a Samsung 46" 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV yesterday from Future Shop. This is the TV I purchased. [Image] I am able to refund it if I choose to not go through with it or so he says.

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Ignorance in the Olympics

Ignorance At It's Finest! It's hard to believe that people like this still exist in today's world. [Image]

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Anyone in Thailand?

Looking for someone to do a local pickup for me in Thailand if it's possible.

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Heard the most awesome song ever but. . . .

So I walked into a clothing store yesterday evening and heard the most coolest dopest chilled out song, I have ever heard in a long, long time. It was some kind of soulful house or maybe lounge house music. Whatever it was it was pretty damm GOOD! I ended up asking one of the staff members at the front desk but unfortunately he didn't even know what it was. Turns out the random staff that works there just burn cds and they don't know what it is. Don't you hate it when you hear a good song that you immediately like, but don't know the name of it!!!

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Shipping to a U.S. or Canada Residence

I just have a question that maybe someone who does a lot of online shopping could help me with. Is it cheaper to ship an item to a U.S. address instead of a Canadian address when purchasing things such as clothes? The reason I ask is because I was in the process of ordering some hats from this site [URL] I added four snapbacks to my cart which totaled $138. Shipping to Canada had two options. Priority Mail International - $29.48 Express Mail International (EMS) -$47.80 Shipping to a U.S. addy seemed like the cheaper option. Ground - $13.00 3 Day Select

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Good places to find belts?!?

Does anyone know where I could find a belt similar to that color and style? It does not have to be a brand name or anything. I am also looking for a solid white belt as well. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Can someone do a pick-up for me?!?

Ralph Lauren.com is having a 25% off sale right now but they dont ship to CANADA !!! Is there anyone who would be willing to do a pick up for me? I will return the favor. Polo is offering free shipping in the U.S. so it won't cost you for the product to be shipped to you. Let me know peoples.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Sizing on the Air Yeezy's

Can someone tell me the fitting on the Nike Air Yeezy's?!? I wear a size 8.5 for AF1, Dunk High/Low's and most other brands as well. I heard somewhere that the shoe fits bigger and that you should go down half a size .. Is that true? Do i go down to a size 8 or just stick with a 8.5? Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

[WTB] Stussy NYC Opening Crew Tees

Looking for the following two tees in size medium. Get at me if you have them for sale. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Computer Problem: Device Installer Error

This is driving me nuts. This problem started right after loading just recently this week. Now everytime I connect my new BlackBerry to the computer, I get the following two messages: "Found new hardware" (followed by) "Windows could not load the installer for Volume" I say OK, then it pops up with: "Found new hardware - Mass Storage Class Driver" (followed by) " Your new Hardware is ready to use" I also tried connecting my Western Digital 1TB external hard drive which i just brought and i get the same error. I never had this problem with my old BlackBerry when ever it was connected to the computer. Any suggestions to get rid of that message? Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Anyone from Japan up in this forum?

I too am looking for someone who lives in Japan who could help me out. There's an item, I really want to buy that's sold out all over Canada and the United States. I have managed to track one down on a Japanese online store website. They do not ship Internationally so I'm out of luck for that option. If you can help me please pm me and we'll get the ball rollin'. I will throw in a little extra for your troubles as well. Let me know if this is possible and then i will msg you the website link of this item. Thank you in advance.

2 Weeks ago in Japan