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What do ya'll think about thiss?

I found this looking around, Its selvage, I also think its raw? Anyways just lemme know with opinions... It's under a bill. [URL]

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Military inspired labels?

anyone know of any?

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Help for first pair?

What would you guys recommend for my first pair of raw denim? Budget is $100-$200, so dior and all the expensive shit are out. I want quality tho, it's going to be somthing I wear like 4 times a week....

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Where to cawp backpack?

[Image] The Supra fuel backpack, I've been looking for a good backpack for a few months, and I came across this. Google didnt give me anything, so hopefully someone knows where to still cop it?

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90's Fashion?

Yoope, I guess I'm still working on my wierd differnt styles mixed together personal style..anywhoo What was the 1990's "hip-hop" fashion like? Like the shit that Big L was rocking in his videos n shit, most of it looks pretty decent. Thanks in advance

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Show your backpack thread

well...why the hell not? [Image]

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Day in the life:

I thought this could be a good thead... Post your day in the life, time to time and what you do... EXAMPLE: 9 AM - Wake up, shower, brush teeth, breakfast 10AM - out the house, skating to school etc. you get the point.

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wtf is diz shit?

yo, latley I seen some Ed Hardy, christian audigier, coogi n shit...and WTF IS DAT SHIT? I looked at like 1 shirt and like fucking mystical dragons and fairys and shit flying around... Their designs are horrible. Whoever made that shit should be shot. It always hurts me when I see all these girls and people rocking it like its hot. I see so many kids trying to act hard rocking that shit. If the back of your shirt has a heart with roses and fucking golden sprinkles, nigguh yous a bitch!

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FUCK! I got arrested......

Well LOONNGGG story, but it might be worth the read. Anyways here it goes.... Thursday or so me, my brother and about 5 other nighborhood kids we're just playing together. Now I'm only 15 years old, my brothers is like 10 and the rest of the kids are aroung his age. Now we we're going to one of their houses to get food to hang out anyways, 1 of them suggests "hey ***** moved and they still left alot of food in their house, lets just go in and take the food" soo.... We all decided to try to get in the house and ONLY take the food that was left. Long story short, we found a back door which had the door knob locked, but the lock that goes above the doorknob was missing and there was a paper towel stuffed in there. So We took out the paper towel, one of the younger kids stuck their hand in there and unlocked the door. In the house there really wasn't much, just a few cases of expired soda, 2 bottles of ALBERTI and about 5 cans of coors light. Well The kids found some paintball guns that they took, and I took all the beer and alberti and we took all the soda n threw em at eachother in the street to make the soda cans blow up. So fast forward to saturday, I invite my friend over (whos 14, same grade though) and we decide to go in the house 1 last time to show him and see if there is anything in there. So we go in and WHILE we're in there, 1 of the kids with us, goes home and snitches to their parents. Anyways my 14 year old friend found like a 5 year old video camra, and he took that, and I took this barbell to add to my home gym. Anyways as we're walking off the property, the kids that snitched parents come over and are like "You guys been back their an awful long time, what are you doing" and I just like automaticley respond "nothing" and I keep walking, so while I'm walkin away, he goes "next time I see you guys back here, I'm calling *****(name sensored but owner of the house)". So we run to one of the younger kids house who lives right accross the street and inside we're talking about how its over for us if he tells the owner of the house and how the little kid betrayed us and all that shit. So we're just imaging the worst scenario possible how we could see the owner come to the house with his car n exetra. 10 Minuets later while we're talking, THE OWNER Pulls up in his driveway. At this point we're all fuckign scared out of our fucking minds! yelling about what could happen, did the kids parents call him and tell him? will the guy come over here and talk to us? So about 15 minuets later the guy walks out of his house, goes to the kid who snitched house. 10 minutes later walks out, points down the street at my house and walks back in their house. At this point is 8 oclock and I gotta go home to eat dinner. So me and my 14 year friend and brother walk home. My friend ditches the camra in a bush at the side of my house and I left the barbell at the kids house. When we get home my parents are like "guys hurry up and eat dinner we're gonig to our cousens house" and we get so happy that the guy can't come to my houes to talk to my parents since we'd be back at 12 am. After we finish dinenr we go outside to talk about things 1 more time, till DOWN THE BLOCK WE SEE A POLICE CAR! At this point we almost shit our pants and are waiting for my parents to hurry up. So anyways liek 5 minues later, we're all in the car pulling out, to go to my cousens house and to drop my friend off at his house and we see about 5 police cars pull up near our house, flash a flashlight at my dads car and so my dad stops the car. hes like "what the fuck is goin on?" and a detective pulls the caravans side door open, flashes the falshlight and is like "WHO THE FUCK IS ****(sensored but my name)" and im scared as fuck so im quitley rasing my hand and like "i am sir" and hes like "GET OUT OF THE CAR" so as soon as I step out hes like "PUT YOU"RE HANDS ON THE CAR" and i do, they quickley do a half ass'ed search of me, ask me what is in my pocket and i'm like "my cell" and they look at it and put it back into my pocket, and they handcuff me. *Just a sidenote, the cuffs hurt like fuck! My wrist still has bruise marks from it. Anyawys im sitting in back fo the police cruiser and their questionng my friend. So the cops asks me "where is the camra" and im like "its in the bushes over there", and hes like "did you take teh camra?" and im like "no my friend did over there". So they take the camra, talk to my dad a little and then we're driving off, and while we are the cop asks me "where is the dumbell" and im like "its at **** house down the block". So we stop at the kids house, they arrest them (their only 10 yaers old for gods sake) and they take the camra n barbell back to the guys house we stole it from and we drive off to the police station. The detective talks indivually to each of us. When it was my turn he sits me down in his office and begins saying, "you have a real attitude problem" At this point I'm thinking wtf, I barley say anything how do I have a attitude problem so I say "oh I don't mean any disrespect sir" and he tells me how i'm lucky I'm still 15 and in 4 months if I was 16 i'd be sittin in county jail right now. So he asks me how I got in the house and he personally kn we the owner of the house. He says "Listlen, sicne you're a minor you probabley won't do any jailtime for this, but since I know the owner, if you'r dad pays for the damages, i don't think he'll press charges, but this will still be on you're record". So at this point I'm a little happy. He says "tonight I'll let you go home but Monday when the real youth detective comes, him and the owner of the house will talk and we'll see where it goes from there so you're not out of the water yet!" And he shoes me what the jail is like, how there was a buncha crack dealers and stuff in the prison and he calls my dad to pick me up. He also sends a police crusier to my house to pick up the alcohol. Anyways the ride home with my dad was pretty silent. When we get home my dad doesnt even know what to say, he just says "Your a fuckign idiot. You stole $30 worth of alocohol and now you can go to jail. You're just a fucking idiot". So anyways their just gonan yell at me, no beating, no groundage. But I'm still scared that if the owner of the house presses charges I gotta go through alot of shit. But anyways if any of you want to comment, say something to cheer me up i'd appreciate it.

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Ludacris's new controversial song....

lol I heard the song the other day,and last night I was watching fox 5 news and there was a big story on it. Apparentley Obama is still trying to win over every hillary supporter and ludacris said some shit about hilary on the song, and since Obama admtted to have ludacris songs on his ipod...idk a buncha controversail shits goin on, but the song is TIGHT! [URL]

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Evisu VS. Nudies

I'm stuck between these two - Evisu Nakame Minami [Image] The Grim Tims are about $30 cheaper. I'm going to eventually get both, but right now both are on sale, and I can get 1.

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Where to get specific Nudies?

I want to get my hands on the new Nudies Narrow Boot jeans. I did a quick google search, came up with only 1 site which didn't have my size. Size is 34 waist by the way. Narrow Boot looks like the perfect fit i've been looking for.

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Fold marks?

Do you guys get the sleeve of ur shirts with the horrible fold mark? I know alot of people hang shirts on a hanger, but I dont do that becuase it stretched out the Neck of my t shirts. However when I fold, the Arms have a horrible fold mark on them. How do I go about my problem?

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Looking for a good start.

Alright, I'm looking for a good start into the denim game, so please no critism. All my denim is that shitty Aero, Abercrombie, CCS, KR3W, and all that sortt. I'm looking for a pair of BLACK DENIM, Somthing that would last awhile. I like the look of black denim, with those insane white fades. I'm not looking for a pair where I haev to wear it for a year to get the effect I want, I'm looking for one that comes with these, pics below. Somthing along the lines of black with crazy white fades. [URL] Willing to slap down $200 for a good pair.

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Gun Show MATCH!?

Alright I've been looking for awhile, and this is basicley what I need. All the HIGH TOP DUNKS (can be plain dunks or SB Dunks) that match the Black/White Rogue Status Gun Show tee. [Image]

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