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Back form Tokyo, brought back some vids/pics

Hey guys, I just spent 8 days in Tokyo, brought back some vids for everyone, check them out on my blog [URL] SO yeah, my flight was on June 27th, arrived around 4pm on June 28th, stayed at the Juyoh in Minami-Senju (which is really cool, inexpensive, private rooms, would stay there again). For some reason I was sick for the first 4 days, everything from Pink eye to sore throat to coughing, Flem, all of that good shit.... if your going to spend a week in Tokyo, your going to need about $100 U.S dollars a day. my flight was 820, my hotel was around 240, and then I ended up exchanging $800 while I was there, so all in all inexspensive... If you have any questions, feel free to ask, although I'm no pro..

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Spoilers!! Dont Click Here!!!!!

OK, YOU ASKED FOR IT I dont have a ps3 so i dont really care but here ya go [Image] Meryll marries johnny sasaki the diarrhea guy

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new X-Men cartoon coming to Nick (starring Wolverine)

[URL] Looks very promising, cyclops shafted again as the leader of the team, animation looks sick, and The _____!

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"GENIUS PARTY BEYOND" animatrix style anime compilation

[URL] this has to be the best anime compilation I've ever seen; and thats just going off the trailer: if you like memories, kill bill, the animatrix, neo-tokyo, robot carnival or whatever check out this compilation

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is anybody else following this war or is it just me?? [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiiKM34sIQA"] everyones meeting up at their local scientology church and protesting... fukin weird...

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why do they call it an X-Box 360?

because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and walk away!

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[SIZE="5"]As of November 6th 2007, what are your top 3 albums of 2007???[/SIZE] mine are: 1. Pharoahe monch- Desire 2. Kanye West- Graduation 3. Common- Finding Forever havnt heard jay-z yet and i know lupe will be victorious

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AKIRA live action remake!!!!!

from bloody disgusting [Quote] im so fucking happy blushing)))))) here is what the director has made in the past, IMO i can totally see him making AKIRA a relaity: [URL] smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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Advice: Help me get to japan

I see a couple of you guys have been there or are currently residing in Japan, i was just wondering if anybody had any advice to help me get there! ive been saving up for probably one year now, i know its pretty expensive. i see some people in the Navy, some work there ,some are just hanging out , tell me what was your gameplan p.s- i was thinking of learning japanese and get my education degree and go for that JET program,

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Akira anime poster im working on....

still a work in progress... [Image]

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new anime flick, one of the best animated feature films ever.. must check it out on dvd!!

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ALLHIPHOP NYC concert, anyone check it out?

i did, shit was dope as heelll , i was pissed the fuck of that lupe wasnt there, anybody else check it out?? lineup: Mills, cassidy, swizz beatz, drag-on, dj.enuff, talib kweli, jean grey,

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gamps= pussy. hopefully. hope shes not another cock tease. hyphys of the world, wish me luck on this holiest of days

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what happens when.....

you dont return a library book? like EVER? i have this library book from 8th grade , and now im a sophmore in College lmao. is that like, affecting my credit? way off topic huh

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shrinking the collar on a shirt....

is it possible? I have this Gorillaz band tee size large and the neck on the motherfucker looks like a XXL, im too skinny to be showing off my collarbones and shit. so um yea, i was thinking of putting a baby pin on the shit but that would look dumb. whats possible?

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