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[WTB] Polos/Tees/Tanks sz. Medium, True Religion denim

Interested in buying: Polos & Tees & Tanks: especially interested in Bape, BBC, Diamond Supply Co., Lacoste, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Triumvir, etc. (sz. Medium) Denim: True Religion (sz. 30-32) Send pics w/ your best price PayPal only -- Money on Hand

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

[WTB] MF Dooms Size 10-10.5

Hi there. I'm looking for MF Dooms in sizes 10-10.5 I'd like them in VNDS - DS condition. Please drop pics + your offers. Thanks a lot! P.S. I don't have too much money on me, so if you want to sell them for 200+ I probably can't help you. Thanks again.

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

[WTB] Jordan III (10.5), Jordan V (10.5), Jordan XI (10.5), Nike Dunks/SB Heat (10.5)

---ALL ARE IN SIZE 10.5--- ---ALL ARE IN SIZE 10.5--- ---ALL ARE IN SIZE 10.5--- Looking to buy Jordan III, V, XI, and most Nike SB Heat in NDS-VNDS-DS condition. Shoot Pics + Prices, thanks. ---Mainly looking for--- [ ]White Cement III [ ]Black Cement III (CDP included) [ ]True Blue III (Non-Retroed) [ ]Metallic V [ ]Fire Red V [ ]Grapes V [ ]Bred XI (CDP included)

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[WTB] Jordan iii, jordan v, nike sb heat

Looking for NDS-VNDS-DS Jordans and Nike Dunks/SB Heat. Shoot Pics + Your Offers. Thanks! ----PS. ALL IN SIZE 10.5---- ----PS. ALL IN SIZE 10.5---- --LOOKING FOR-- [ ]White Cement III [ ]Black Cement III [ ]Black Cement III (CDP) [ ]True Blue III (Not 2009 Retro) [ ]Metallic V '99-'06 [ ]Fire Red V '99-'06 [ ]Most Nike SB Heat

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wha's fly?

sup. been wantin to cop some new sneakers for a while, but i was wonderin what was good. i used to be a bapehead until their gradual decline and death some couple years ago, so i dont wear anything good right now (mainly just doin af1's). anyone got suggestions for what was good in high school or what they think is nice at the moment? I'm open to almost everything except for poofy sb's and hightops. thanks.smokeyface

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