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young thug skirts - cool or gay as f***?

[Image] okay, so maybe it is gay as fuck, but also cool.  maybe you dont care.  personally idgaf.  his music is dope, and thats it.  is he gay?  as of yet nobody has confirmed either way.  i reblog his tracks on my blog & will continue to do so.  as far as male skirts, people have worn them from before there was the word "skirt."  men have worn & still wear what look like skirts in africa, latin america, north america, india, the middle east, eastern asia & europe.  hell, jesus, muhammad, the buddha and many more all wore what would be called skirts if a rapper wore them onstage here in the us.  f*** old school baggy pants, wear whatever the f*** you want.  the same rappers that dis that shit all claimed no cops in their songz then did tacks w/ rick ross soon as he hit.  in other wordz they broke the code of the streets & definitely of prison a long tym ago.  dont let fake old headz tell you what is real.  thas my opinion.   how bout you?  you cool with them?  nah?  you wear em?  nah?  rep yourself.

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so what of it? they crazy?

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The Official Thick White Girls Thread

photoshops welcome... [Image]

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The Official Thick Arab Girls Thread

post pics of arab/ persian chicks, if no thicky vicky, post what u can find.  photoshops welcome. [Image]

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