FS: Nike Flyknit Chukka, AM90, Common Projects, etc.

Selling these shoes! All prices include shipping. Payment via paypal +4% or gifted, you pick. Pretty standard, you guys know the drill. Message me if you feel the need to.  Flyknit Chukka Wolf Grey sz 8.5 Worn 3x $215 shipped. [URL] thanks for looking!

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FS: Cheap Supreme x Champion!

Hey. Selling this supreme x champion top. 10/10 Medium. $165 shipped today. eBay has them for $218.  [URL] Thanks!

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FS: supreme wings + horns

everything here is for sale. not looking for trades. everything is 100% authentic. paypal gift or +4%, you decide.  supreme x tnf nuptse 10/10 M  BIN: $540 shipped [URL]

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Streetmachine x Vans 2012 Old Skool Collab

Selling these Streetmachine x Vans old skools I copped back in 2012. Dope shoe, I wore them a couple times but kept them in good condition. Super dope shoe, awesome materials. Paid 850dkk total to have em shipped to the U.S., which is about $145 retail. I am asking for less. They're 8/10 condition with some heel drag, so I'm going to ask for $90 shipped. I think that's fair.  [URL]

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Good luck brethren ft. college acceptances

Just wanted to say good luck to all the HB fam workin on their college shit rn tryna get into that top school. I believe in you. Do it for the brethren smokeyface

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FOR SALE : Flyknit Trainer Black/White Sail Chukka! Size 8!

Selling these. Price includes shipping in the U.S. (message me about international shipping).  They were tried on once. 9.5/10 condition, 100% authentic. Looking for $220 shipped. Paypal gift or you add 4%, it's your pick.  [URL] Cheers.

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HEAT FS: Levi's Vintage Clothing, Smith & Smith, SUPREME, Flyknit

Payments via Paypal, gifted or +4%, up to you.  - Smith & Smith Basic Sweatshirt in Ivory. Size Small (46).  Purchased at Opening Ceremony for $230. Tried on.  $175 shipped in the U.S. [URL]

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FS: Edwin 55 Chino (Forest) 28x32

Selling these Edwin 55 Chino in 28x32. They are in good condition, taken care of.  Bought them for around $125 new from Oi Polloi. Looking to get $70 shipped. (open to offers). [URL]

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Shopping in London?

Here for a few weeks. Help me out. Already going to: Number Six London 1948 London Size? Foot Patrol  I know I'm missing stuff. Help is much appreciated

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S H I T F O R S A L E S H I T F O R S A L E S H I T F O R S A L E All prices include shipping, unless outside the U.S. Only accept payments via Paypal. +4% or gifted, it's up to you.  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing // 1950's Sportswear Tee // Black, Medium // Worn 1x Retail $88 + shipping. Asking $68 shipped.  [URL]

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HUF x Alive & Well "Wake and Bake" mug / pipe

Selling this HUF x Alive & Well "Wake and Bake" mug/pipe. It was released a few weeks ago in the most recent "Wake and Bake" collaboration they did. It's my local skate shop so I copped a couple mugs. Selling one on here, they're sold out everywhere. And trust me, they're big mugs and the pipe hits reeeeaaalll skrong. I'm tellin you. Looking to get $85 shipped via paypal.  [URL]

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For all you people that wanted Nike Tech Fleece pants but missed out..

http://www.jdsports.co.uk/product/nike-tech-fleece-pants/095390/ $100 shipped to the US.  smokeyface

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Best shoes for snow

Moving to NY for school. What are some good shoes for snow?

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Been makin little vids..

Yo.  Been bored recently so I've been making some vids. Hope my HB fam can check em out.  Got a few things for sale, reviews and shit.  Thanks my G's.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yhdxe4rC74

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help ya boi

[Image] it's a shot in the dark but can anyone help me identify jeans reallyyy similar to these? Thanks

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