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Long length t-shirts?

Yeah this might seem like an obvious question but does anyone know where I can buy a longer-length t-shirt from? I need it to be quite a long tee, not too fussed about the material, but I'd like it to be quite well fitted; not too baggy. As a 17 year old student I can't really afford brands like Rick Owens or Damir Doma, and the only affordable brand selling longer tees is the obvious 'Longclothing', but a friend of mine has one of their tees and it doesn't look much longer than an average tee. I'm looking for one that ends around the lower thigh, but obviously that's just me being pedantic... Any help would be great.<br>

2 Weeks ago in Europe

T-shirt printing methods

Was just wondering what the best method of printing a t-shirt would be? Not making a whole load, literally just printing one for myself - just don't particularly want it looking extremely tacky and cheap, so any help on what to do would be great

2 Weeks ago in Fashion