Youtube - Movies

So apparently there's a dedicated movie section in you tube. all free for now and decent quality. [URL]

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Shops in Buffalo

Alright so im heading to Darien lake (6 flags) tommorow and im gonna stop by buffalo to go shopping. Could anybody tell me what's good there? Thanks in advance!

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Cruiser Jackets

Need a light jacket for fall. I thought this jacket by supreme was good. [URL] I think it's called a cruiser im not exactly sure.Can anyody reccomend me something like this. I know that maiden noir has something like this out right now but its fucking 500. Looking for something on the cheap right now, under 250 would be nice. Thanks in advance!

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Winter gloves

Anyone know any dope ones. I prefer leather, not one of those puffy hot paws type shit. Kinda like this one:

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So its getting warmer can u guys reccomend good windbreakers. Along the price of 30-150. Thanks in advance.

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