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[WTB] AM1 [UK9.5/10] AM90 [UK10] HUA & INNEVA W [UK10/10.5]

As in title, i'm after a selection of shoes (sizes listed below) and i'm willing to pay a good, not rape, but a good price for all. I have the money ready to go, with even more funds coming early January, so i'm after quite a few pairs of these (depending on the prices). ANY AM1 HAVE TO BE EITHER UK 9.5 or 10 ANY AM90 HAVE TO BE UK10 ANY HUARACHE LE or THE INNEVA WOVEN HAVE TO BE EITHER UK10 or 10.5 Particular Air Max 1's I am after are: HOA OG Red Patta x Parra Cherrywood (for a good price) Patta Chlorophyll Patta Lucky Green 1b Safari x Supreme Keep Rippin Stop Slippin Dirty Denim Maxim 1+ Red Parra Maxim 1+ BUT if the shoe you own and have for sale isn't on this list, just contact me (details given below) and if I like the shoe, i will probably buy, and that goes for all models (AM1, 90 etc) Particular Air Max 90's I am after are: HOA Infrared Infrareds from 2000 Homegrown's Any of the VT pack Particular Huarache LE I am after are: For this shoe, I am not really 'bothered'. I have the ACG Mowabb's atm, and would love another pair - any real c/w, preferably white based, but I would probably put an offer in for ANY c/w saying they are in a very good condition and wearable. Like I said above, I am after the Inneva Woven's in preferably a UK10. I'm also after the Air 180 x Size?, so if you have them, let me know All the shoe I want to buy must in a very good condition, DS is quite a priority, but I will settle for VNDS once i've seen the shoe via photos. I would love everything OG to be included, but again, it's not my #1 priority. Contact me by replying to this post, sending me a PM or email me (preference, as once you message/pm me, i'll refer you to my email) my email address is: [URL] and as long as I am awake (UK time) and not importantly busy (hardly ever), I will reply within minutes. Shoes must be shipped to me (in the UK), so name your price including this. Paypal ready to go, or meet up's in Birmingham (UK). (if you require feedback, I can refer you to previous collectors I have brought shoes off) Thank you, and I'll be waiting to hear from some of you

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Wanting to buy&nbsp;<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.nike.com/">Nike</a>&nbsp;Air Max 1 OG Red (any year), Air Maxim 1+ (any c/w apart from blue) and/or any of the Patta C/W apart from the Denim Corduroys.<br><br>Either in US10.5 or 11 (UK9.5 or UK10)<br><br>Preferably DS but will accept VNDS.<br><br>Shipped to the UK, or meet-ups IF you come to Birmingham.<br><br>Message me, Post here or email on&nbsp;<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow">i.ammo@hotmail.co.uk</a>&nbsp;(email is my preference).<br><br>PayPal or cash in hand.

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[FS] Air Max 90 Laser Blue 2007 US11 UK10

As in the title, Selling a pair of Nike Air Max 90 Laser Blue 2007, size US11 UK10, 9/10 Condition with minor creasing and paint flaking. Sent double boxed, with OG box and inserts provided. £120 o.n.o (excluding shipping), will ship worldwide (i'm based in the UK) Email me adameric.bartlett@btopenworld.com if you are interested or post here/message me [Image]

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[WTB] Nike Air Max Atmos Elephant/Cement/Jade US10-11

As in title, I'm looking for the Atmos Elephant Air Max 1's in preferably UK9.5. If you have them, let me know your price and I am bound to be able to accept. This is the shoe I aim to complete my collection for an awful long time so they are top on my list and i'm not going to mess around. I would say brand new deadstock, with everything OG included is a necessaty, but if you cater for this in the price, I may stretch to accepting a very good condition used pair. I'm from the UK so shipping to the UK, preferably a quick service, must be included in your price, just to make it easier for me to accept. Message me on here or email me at adameric.bartlett@btopenworld.com for more details. Paypal ready to go, whenever we agree a price. However much I want these shoes, I wont be paying over the top prices, of course i'll make it worth your while but no rape prices please.

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[WTB] Nike Air Max Patta Blue Denim Corduroy UK 9.5

Looking for some Nike Air Max Patta Blue Denim Corduroy, UK 9.5. Please no rape prices but I will pay quite a lot for these. Must be in REALLY good condition if not brand new. Might stretch to UK 10 also. Post here if you have them for sale. Or contact me on twitter @_rago

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[Image] Selling this Only NY Lake River Crew neck from Spring/Summer 12. A nice crew that suits both summer and winter. Size L. Only worn ONCE around the house and in perfect condition. I brought this for £65 (not including postage) and STILL retails on certain websites (such as Flatspot) for £60 (not including postage) so if you are interested just message me and we can discuss a price. Looking for around 3/4 of the retail price. Would like to sell this asap - shipping the very minute I receive payment so will be with you in a few days at max.

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Looking for UK 9.5 Deadstock Air Max

Looking for all deadstock air max only in UK 9.5. Specific shoes I want are; Patta Cherrywoods Patta Blue Denim Cords any OG's Atmos Cement. So just hit me with photo's and your price, and i'll get back to you ASAP.

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