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Damn this dude right here,,,

Has a nice butt. I'm addicted to taking pictures of guy's asses in publicsmokeyface

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History is written by those who win...

Not by those who are the nicest.

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Dude that works at Best Buy

Hey don't know if any of Fremont/Union City peeps post on HB, but I need your help. This dude right here works at the Best Buy in Union Landing. He works in the Best Buy Mobile department...I think his name is Frankie but I'm not sure. I always frequent the store and notice he seem like a chill dude. Can someone please help me out. Maybe call the store and find out. Here's the picture I snapped last time I was in the store. I think he was going on break:

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American Dad or Family Guy.....which is funnier??

I personally think American Dad has always been funnier than Family Guy. Roger >>>>>> every Family Guy character except Stuie

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Taking a shit and...

You start to feel it crowning, but it's too painful to keep pushing. And you're thinking, damn, I promise I'll be good.

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Is prescription cough syrup supposed to make you so dizzy?

To my surprise, my PCP approved my request for a refill on my cough syrup with codeine. It's been a year since I got a new bottle. I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and the dude working behind the counter tried to shame me in the worst way. So the punk starts asking me why I don't have a cough and don't bother asking for me refills. I cussed his ass out and left.  Anyways I notice I can't even enjoy the high because the shit gets me so dizzy. This has never happened because I used to down those bottles so quickly and got the best buzz

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Frank Ocean and his new beau

Looks like things are getting pretty serious. Congrats [URL]

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Trying to get a prescription for cough syrup

But damn, I don't think my primary care with authorize another refill. They already flagged as a "drug seeker." Fucking Kaiser! Let me get high already

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They say money can't buy love...

Or even happiness. And certainly can't can't sooth a guilty conscious. The only way to get true piece of mind is admitting the truth,

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East Bay folks: Best Buy, Union Landing

Anyone been to the Best Buy in Union City in Union Landing. There's a dude that works in the phone department. Short, phat ass, wears glasses, and has tan skin. Anyone know his name?

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True tea, sis!

The bitch is back at the throne. All lessors will bow to me.

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Do these pants make my butt look big?

<img alt=" src="http://s1147.beta.photobucket.com/user/parker201/media/908.png.html">

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You guys are NEVER going to get rid of me

Even if this account gets banned, I'll just go on ahead and create ANOTHER one. I will be terrorizing Off Topic for YEARS and YEARS to come. I won't be going anywhere, anytime fuckin' soon.

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I've never seen a white dude...

With such a fat ass fuckin' bootysmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface<br><br>[Image]</a><br>

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