Kith Volcano Apparel Delay

Did anyone cop any of the kith volcano apparel on the release date? I did (got one of the jackets) and it still hasn't shipped yet. About a week and a half ago I got an email saying that they didn't know how long it would be before the stuff shipped out. Was wondering if anyone was dealing with the same thing or had gotten the same email [Image]

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What's worse?

So my friends and I were talking about this yesterday: is it worse to try and dress well and dress poorly or dress poorly and not care how you dress? Thoughts?

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No Cop November

I'm going to try and make it through the whole month of November without copping anything online. Let's see how this goes

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When did you first get into fashion

When was the first time you got into fashion (urban fashion, streetwear, whatever the hell you wanna call it)? For me, it was when I went off to college at University of Arizona. There was a little shop down the street called Finally Made, they had their own brand and they carried shit like Benny Gold, BBC and Super. I was like "damn, this is dope". That was the turning point for me.

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Any MN people in here? Minneapolis all day!

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Best hat to rock with a chambray shirt

Just copped a new chambray, trying to figure out what hat to pair it with. I was thinking about an LA dodgers hat, any suggestions?

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Young and Reckless...Corny

Was at the mall today and saw a few Young and Reckless tees. Wow, what a corny ass brand. The designs are all over the place, and it looks like they have no idea what direction they want the brand to go in or who their target market is. Any thoughts?

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