The Official Tattoo Thread

Here is mine about 5 minutes after getting it done. [Image] That is my last name in the roots, Haber.

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Yo- yo's were cool. I could never do any of teh crazy tricks though, just simple things like making it sleep.

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Fabolous ft. Drake - Throw It In The Bag (Remix)

He has been killing it lately.

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Kid Robot - Futurama

How about Fry?

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Hi...I'm Boney..and I take photos.

Great photos. I like the feel of the last two photos.

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What do you use to download music???


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Free Online Games Thread

I have been playing a lot of tetris lately. Simple but addicitng.

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Ocho cinco

I wonder if he has thought about what would happen if he changed teams and could not be 85 anymore? Time for another name change?

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Boating Shoes or Loafers

you can't go wrong with a pair of sperrys.

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Confederations cup 2009 ?

[Quote] I think Guzan will also be very good in the future once he gets a little more international experience.

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Confederations cup 2009 ?

[Quote] I agree. Plus I think Howard deserves a lot of credit for playing realy well yestereday.

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Whats you favorite cartoon of all time

The Simpsons / Family Guy / Scooby Doo

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Truck Thread

I occassionally get to drive my dad's SRT10 ram. He also just go tit lowered. I will put up pictures when my post count is higher.

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Some days I just want to burn all my clothes...

don't burn them, just send them all to me.

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