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Yall think your spittin?

dropped a new mixtape today! cheggitoutttt.. [URL]

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[URL] DISCUSS..HATE...DO YOUR THING!...SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY HB FAM! smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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EDIT: had to delete this... you can imagine why.

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You have all been lied to!


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I rap what i feel f*ck yall

[URL] smokeyface checkitout...feedback plz.

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if youre tired of the same old rap songs

peep this! [URL]

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Keep watch! The truth will be revealed!

[Image] hulkshare.com/f4ijin4ltaqc

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Hb member "deafcon" kills drake's single "miss me"

thoughts?..comments?...likes?..dislikes?..let me know what you think!... [URL]

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[FS] Large Supreme Tee's

due to someone flaking these tees are getting put back up you know the drill paypal only.. i ship priority w. tracking prices are generally negotiable Supreme Boars Head Tee Lg. worn/washed a handfull of times only minor fading [Image] ill do 35 shipped for this one holler at me here with a PM or on aim: ToneArmPilot thanks nigz

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look what i found

look what i found [URL] am i late on this?

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can anyone help me find this j dilla instrumental?

i dont wanna buy this instrumental but i need it badly for my EP its the hydrant game (jaylib remix) instrumental... its on the b-ball zombie war instrumental album and i think its also on a couple others ..i need a high quality version pl0x any help will be appreciated and id prefer if it was longer than the one on b-ball zombie war instrumentals because that one is only 1:35 seconds

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[FS] Supreme tee's + Levi's LVC 501 Saddlemans

[B]everything is goneeee...hollaback next time[/B]

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[FS] Gray Vans Bulletproof Half-Cab, Vans W)taps era 006 blue,sz. 9.5

lock it up niggzzzzzzzzz

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help a ***** out

im in the process of fabricating a mixtape in the studio and im having trouble finding the last few beats i wanna spit over.... drop ideas pl0x...no bullshit and no i dont want your shitty FL studio beats..if you really have some good beats and the sound im looking for we can work something out ..but otherwise just throw some sick instrumentals in here also feel free to discuss the weather and any other small talk.. i love you babiez <333333333

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Copywrite Asher Roth Diss

if you know anything about underground hip hop you probably know who copywrite is....well..he dissed that faggot asher roth....track is on his myspace [URL] thoughts? i say this will prob. boost up copy into the spotlight for a bit..hopefully

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