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[Orisue] - 2009 Discussion Thread

If I order through the orisue site, can you guys mark the package as gift, lower the value and ship through USPS? cause when I get stuff from karmaloop I get charged a lot of taxes/duties when the package arrives since im in Canada.

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Karmaloop duties/taxes

[Quote] have you tried getting the refund before or do you know if it works 100%? because I was charged the wrong amount for duties from karmaloop (the value was $1020 so the duties/taxes was $344 even though my order only cost $140) and the package has been at the DHL location for a week and a half and karmaloop still hasnt fixed the value. They told me this week they're just going to send it back to karmaloop and then send it back to me with the correct value but if getting the refund from customs works for sure, I would just pay the customs and get the refund.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

[L-R-G] - 2007 Discussion Thread (HOLIDAY 1 IS IN!)

how long does it usually take for your points to go through at karmaloop? its been 10 days already and its still pending. Event Type Event Date Earned Points Status Sales 1/3/2008 11:16:43 AM 290 Pending

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HUF crack pack air max 1s

how much will the huf 90s be?

2 Weeks ago in Canada