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question...need a quick reply...plz!!!

why do we have to be jerks and not answer his question. I mean [I](still not answering question)[/I] why not just help the man and send him along the--- wow I could feel that joke failing.....

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LRG Skeleton Full Zip at Mondawmin

yo they've got the LRG skeleton full zip hoodies at this store in Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore. I saw them today and figured I would peep people. I don't really care about LRG so have at 'em.

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[Quote] Okay First off I haven't seen many people out here from Detroit so it's cool to See StackMaster12, secondly no one calls Detroit: DET. I have never heard that in all my life. Anyway.... Im from Detroit the past two years I had the opportunity to work at Ironfist Records. (See The nickname) My boss was the rapper Proof from D12. I wanted t learn some of the independent business and I called up there and asked if they need interns, he said yeah and I was there thte next day. I had the opportunity to see some of the mosit interesting things. (It's important to know I went to one of the best high schools in the country so keep that in mind). One of the things I saw was that true rappers write not about the lives they live but about the lives of those around them. They are introverts for the most part and they write about what goes on around them not about their exploits. They don't really engage in dangerous pursuits because they are too into their music. The only rappers who get overly engaged on the street aspect, in keeping it real and staying close to the hood are the fake rappers who don't really know what it takes tobe successful. They see their favorite rappers on T.V. portraying the lives of their friends and try to emulate what they see. The man he was talking about was Blade Icewood a rapper who was shot and killed on 7 mile right outside my driving school (picking up his little sister while I was there which sucked). Blade was stuck in the tailspin of emulating his favorite rappers and got mixed up in things he should have completely avoided. In Detroit you have high unemployment and aggressive music with artists intent on keeping their credibilty, that's a bad mixture. Anyways Blade wasn't really a good rapper which is where I defer with StackmMaster12 but he did a good job branding himself and making sure his name meant you got a specific thing when you bought his album. Unfortunately that thing was extreme violence (he had a soung about picking out his casket) and he died liviing that image. Anyways applied to [B]Lil Wayne the man has had a deal since he was 11. He has never really been pushed as far back to the edge as his peers because throughout his adolescence he had the steady hand of a locally thriving record label. So don't say Lil Wayne is some ultra hard, uber killer, crack god. He's not. Just a rapper. Just a writer. Just a poet. [/B] And coming from the record industry (Ironfist is semi-attached to Shady) I know that Lil Wayne has a stylist who does all the footwork for him and briefs him on what to say to people to get people to believe he buys his own clothes. And he does a good job with the main base of consumers which is where the money is at. Finally Regimentle, please calm down. The 17 year old kids with their moms credit card is who streetwear is most meaningful for. They live to hunt down the freshest piece no one else has and thats why its so great. So don't go trying to get gangster on the internet. We don't take you seriously. You are more of a hassle than anything. Streetwear is not aimed at crips and bloods or at people emulating them. Streetwear is aimed at brand conscious individuals. A sort of group individuality (I buy this brand a couple of other people buy to be more of an individual). Your useless to me. You should paint one half of your house red and the other half blue and try to get yourself gone in the ensuing shootout.

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Ice Cream Boo'd off stage?!?!?!

[Quote] *I respect Ice Cream* Sure, Ice Cream can be looked at as a boutique skate brand. But the true genius of Pharell is he is marketing the brand as a skate brand to people who don't skate and as a boutique brand to people who do. On a Hypebeast type website he would downplay the skating background of Ice Cream and note the fashion aspects. On BET or to some extent MTV all he would talk about is skating. (Note the Ice Cream Team's appearance on BET). Secondly the ice cream skate team (or the zoo york skate team) is a semi serious effort at a skate team. It is not meant to compete with the Lakai or the C1rcas of the world. Instead they got a collection of thin mildly good looking guys who wear their clothes well and look cool doing it. Truth is the fact that theycan't really skate doesn't matter. They don't care about the small pool of hardcore hypebeast users. Notice they get their props on the daily feed.... All that matters to their bottom line (because that is what all companies prioritize) is the urban consumer who gets kudos for wearing their clothes. Ice Cream is just a semi-streetwear brand marketed to the urban consumer the same way streetwear brands market to their consumer and as such they are considered cooler than other urban brands.

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[Quote] True, brand loyalty is kind of dead. For everyone I think. but only because it is a more competitive marketplace and consumers are better informed. I don't think you can get away with overly simple designs anymore, because the people who buy this stuff see so many great and innovative things coming out everyday.

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ten deep:NY vs LA New Era fitted hat?

Hey my girlfriend is being an asshole and wants me to know what I am getting for christmas so where can I get the new HufQuake hat.

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Take my name...

[Quote] some good ones

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CLH clothing

man The Hundreds really can push anything huh.

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Help, Lupe's Vans - - ->

[Quote] Much obliged

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Greedy Genius Vs "Greedy Genius"??

Greedy genius is straight. i think they look straight without the swoosh or the star. There's something about GN$ that Bape just doen't have...... Can't place my finger on it.

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Union Los Angeles X J Dilla T..

do you guys like Funky Cowboy? Dilla and Proof's group.

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Hypebeast Haters

yo, I thought it was funny. But that can't be true about Shinsuke Takizawa and Vons. Somebody clue me in i've been at orientation all day

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For all streetwear cynics...

It's true that the culture or whatever is small enough that we see the same faces over and over. I remember I was in Grand Rapids buying a T-shirt at Premier and I saw some large man with a mohawk, I thought it was wierd that I noticed him. I go back to Detroit and go to a party in the bassment of St.Andrews Hall and I see the same dudei n this 12-15 person party. I don't know, I thought it was cool.

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who makes good crews?

[Quote] skippy

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Whats this summers must have accessorie?

all over print, anything by Crooks and Castles but summer's over

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