question...need a quick reply...plz!!!

why do we have to be jerks and not answer his question. I mean [I](still not answering question)[/I] why not just help the man and send him along the--- wow I could feel that joke failing.....

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LRG Skeleton Full Zip at Mondawmin

yo they've got the LRG skeleton full zip hoodies at this store in Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore. I saw them today and figured I would peep people. I don't really care about LRG so have at 'em.

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Ice Cream Boo'd off stage?!?!?!

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[Quote] True, brand loyalty is kind of dead. For everyone I think. but only because it is a more competitive marketplace and consumers are better informed. I don't think you can get away with overly simple designs anymore, because the people who buy this stuff see so many great and innovative things coming out everyday.

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ten deep:NY vs LA New Era fitted hat?

Hey my girlfriend is being an asshole and wants me to know what I am getting for christmas so where can I get the new HufQuake hat.

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Take my name...

[Quote] some good ones

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CLH clothing

man The Hundreds really can push anything huh.

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Help, Lupe's Vans - - ->

[Quote] Much obliged

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Greedy Genius Vs "Greedy Genius"??

Greedy genius is straight. i think they look straight without the swoosh or the star. There's something about GN$ that Bape just doen't have...... Can't place my finger on it.

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Union Los Angeles X J Dilla T..

do you guys like Funky Cowboy? Dilla and Proof's group.

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Hypebeast Haters

yo, I thought it was funny. But that can't be true about Shinsuke Takizawa and Vons. Somebody clue me in i've been at orientation all day

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For all streetwear cynics...

It's true that the culture or whatever is small enough that we see the same faces over and over. I remember I was in Grand Rapids buying a T-shirt at Premier and I saw some large man with a mohawk, I thought it was wierd that I noticed him. I go back to Detroit and go to a party in the bassment of St.Andrews Hall and I see the same dudei n this 12-15 person party. I don't know, I thought it was cool.

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who makes good crews?

[Quote] skippy

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Whats this summers must have accessorie?

all over print, anything by Crooks and Castles but summer's over

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