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Share your phone wallpaper

I need some wallpaper ideas.  I still use the stock bird feathers wallpaper on da iphone.  smokeyface

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Swag Mugs Pickups Thread Vol Bac Seefin

I want a cool mug LOL.  You guys have any good ones in mind?

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What do you do when guys come up to you and compliment your fit? VOL. SWEGGERU

You are chillin. Frail guy goes up to you and says something along the lines of "I like your jacket" with a kiddy smile. Do i just take it to spars-ville or what

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Cold Weather Power Cawpperz

HB, where do i find some legit cold weather pieces so i never have to worry about freezing my ass off in santa cruz.

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[Aeterna] - 2015 Discussion Thread

hola hombres blushing how we doin' "What the Flame Does Not Consume, Consumes the Flame" 2015 Campaign by Aeterna [Image] more of where this comin from in da site: [URL] thanks for da visit!

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[Official] Who Do You Follow On Snapchat?

need some recommendations yung gods

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[Official] Camera Accessories N' Shit Thread

listen up fam. we gon have camera accessories talk here okay.  camera straps, camera bags, good places to get film developed or what the fuck u want.  recommendations, ugly ass point n shoot vs ugly ass point n shoot. it's gon be here from now on this the day one post kay fam. aight.  as of now i'm lookin for a camera bag but i'm not tryna put a film slr in a supreme tnf 3m fanny pack ja fealz so let's brainstorm it up [Image]

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[Aeterna] - 2014 Official Thread

[Image] [URL]

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The Official Furniture Thread

all posts, recommendations, questions, discussion regarding room furnishings here what do you guys have in your room? where do you get your furniture? how does one properly furnish one's room with taste? any shelving ideas?

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How to bring weed in an international flight?

yo im tryna bring a couple grams any feedback on TSA and what to do and how to do it? tryna just fill up cigarettes with weed and slide em in the carry on  advice, info, discussion

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Post Your Wallet

is your wallet game tuff? post your wallet or share links to wallets that shall be copped

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[FS] Supreme x Comme des Garcons SHIRT CDG Box Logo Pullover Hoodie XL SS12 Heather Grey Polka Dot

Domestic Shipping: 15 International Shipping: 45 Supreme x CDG XL (9/10): 488 [Image]

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[AETERNA] 2013 Offical Discussion Thread

A project between friends, Aeterna is a small t-shirt operation based in Northern California. Just as Aeterna means 'eternity' in Latin, ironically now a dead language, we seek to stake our claim at permanence in an industry with a quick shelf-life.[URL]

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Why do some brands use Supreme's blank pics?

Just something I've noticed.  [Image]

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[WTB] Black Scale x CVNVDV

you know that CVNVDV joint can't find any links right now but I'm lookin to cop  if anyone has it for sale in XL or L hit me up

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