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What kind of shoes are these?

[Image] Desert boots or something? lol. Im looking to buy shoes for the Fall/Winter season..any recommendations?

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What kind of hat is this?


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What do you guys think of this Penfield jacket?

[Image] Worth $75? It's more slim than bulky as it looks like it in pic.

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I have $200 to spend..... any suggestions?

My closet is quite..empty. All i got are some white tees, and a h&m jacket and some basic denim.. my shoes are also lackin... chucks... etc I was thinkin of buyin some denim...but I don't want to blow $150 just like that... I dont have a job and im a full time college student...so I basically have to do a bunch of chores and not eat out, drink or party in order to save some $$ lol. It's either I buy something now..or wait another 1-2 months until I can get another $200 saved up (yes, this is how poor I am for now..lol)

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Anyone know where I can cop some cheap Levis jeans online? (canada)

This shop would be perfect [URL] but they only ship within US. Anyone got any sites? (Specifically lookin for 501s)

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I need some advice/help with clothes

So my friends birthday party is coming up (girl) and she wants everyone to dress "Nice/Casual". My clothes are somewhat outdated and I dont have much money.. I also don't really have time to do online shopping since it would take forever for the goods to arrive (Stupid Canadian customs). I can only think of H&M because it's cheap and affordable... I'm not trying to fit in, but I just don't want to look left out. It would definitely suck lol I'm thinking sliqs, tee, jacket? not sure about the shoes. All I got are some black chucks.. maybe I can shop around downtown for some Vans? Don't flame me for this plz lol

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