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Anyone ordered from Eyegoodies and Framesdirect.com?

I've ordered from them before and yes they are legit. I've never waited longer than about a week and a half.

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Looking for/Where to find Discussion Thread

Where to find the white shirts the groomsmen wore in the Hangover 2? Seen [URL] I'm sure its some variant of a tuxedo shirt, but this looks a bit more casual.

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Going to a wedding

Since it is your sister's wedding, you don't want to be under dressed and you certainly don't want to be the guy wearing a waistcoat by itself. Like the poster above stated, suit up. Don't go flashy, with suits its understated and subtle things that make the impression. The fit (most important part), small bits and bobs like cuff links, and a decent tie with a proper windsor knot are really as flashy as you should be getting if you decide to at all.

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Vans or Chuck Taylors ?

Love the classic look of Chucks, and since most everyone rocks Vans now days, I'd have to say its more refreshing to see the Chuck Taylors. +1 Chucks

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WDYWT: 2011 (Chat Edition)

[Quote] Vanishing Elephant Blue Albion Derbys

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Nike McFlys...

I'm going to do whatever it takes to get them before they are only available for resale... Too dope.

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Bringing beat Sneakers back to Deadstock!!

A consistently fantastic job, I'm making sure to put in a request for your work.

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The Thing (2011)

Ah, The Thing was one of my favorite horror movies growing up. The isolated environment and the paranoia that people suffered added so much to the excitement of the film. Looking forward to this one.

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