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Legit Check: Red Supreme Box Logo New Era

I got this hat a while ago from someone on solecollector and he had dece feedback and it looked real, so I went with it. Could anyone help me with a legit check? [Image] All help is deeply appreciated. Thanks guys!

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VNDS Sz.10.5 Pusheads, Beat Sz.10 Stussys

Hey what's up guys. Here I have a pair of VNDS Sz.10.5 Pusheads and a pair of beat Sz.10 Stussys. The Pusheads come with the OG box and double boxed, while the Stussys will come with a replacement and no double-boxing. The Pusheads have 70-75% stars, minimal heeldrag, and minimal overall creasing near the toebox. The Stussys have rips near the tongue, some creasing, 40-45% stars, and a redone inside heel on both shoes. If you want more pictures just PM me. No S/Os, offer up. BIN on Pusheads: 175 shipped. BIN on Stussys: 45 shipped. Trades I'll accept. (I won't ship out first unless 100+ feedback.) Shoes in Size 10-11. Clothing in Size M. Jordans ------- Gucci 1's 02' Raptor 7's Bred 13's Olympic 6's Fire Red 3's (I'll accept beat, not cracking.) Nike SBs -------- RESNs Tweed Highs Irons Piets Kentuckys St. Johns Other Shit (Size M) ---------- Any Gen Black Bape Tiger Supreme 26th Duffle or Backpack North Face (M) or Polo Bubble Vest (L) Super Sunglasses Black Flat Top Grey Supreme Box Hat Size. 7 5/8 Infrared Air Maxes (Any Year) [Image]

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