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HB I got into a motorcycle accident

[URL] Yo HB, I know I rarely post shit, but I'm always on here lurking. Anyways, I got cut off on my motorcycle recently and got thrown off my bike. Glad to have walked away with my life but my bike didn't make it out so good. The kid needs parts to get her back on the road. Don't get it twisted, I'm not just on my ass over here doing jack shit. I work a 9-5 and as soon as I healed up enough, I took my ass back to work. But my bike is my only form of transportation and I'm getting the vibe my job wants to let me go cause I've been having trouble getting to work. I'm behind on hella shit cause if this crash and i'm just desperate y'all. You don't have to give me shit or share it but I'd be more than grateful if you did either one. Please help me out my brethren, even if it means just sharing that link. Much love.

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Who has seen this? It's on The History Channel. Shit is pretty good in my opinion. [Image]

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Harlem Shake Vol. My School


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My dad.....

Just hit my bong smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface. Then he went to eat so much food in my kitchen.

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Dude throws up mid sentence

Shit is funny as fuck [Embed content]

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Need help

There was a video posted on here a while ago with some pinoy saying some weird as shit. It went like "Ai, Arai, is that your pinot?"

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Have you ever been jumped

Some dudes are trying to jump me, I ain't trippin cause I got my Tongan niggas with me all the time, but I was wondering have any of you been jumped? If so how bad did it suck.

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Bruh just wants his noodles.

[Embed content]

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Job Interview

What to wear?

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Walking in on Dad taking a dump.

So it's 2:13am and i needed to take a piss. I walk out my room and look at my bathroom door and it's open. I'm like damn, someone left it open, I hope the dogs didn't tear the toilet paper up. When I open the door and turn on the lights, my fucking dad was taking a shit. I was dead. This nigga was sitting in the dark taking a shit, then looks at me with his eyes all squinted and I just turned off the lights, closed the door and laughed my ass off.

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