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Cap preference

What's your favorite type? Camp, snapback, trucker, fitted?

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Big cartel theme.

Bought a Big Cartel theme for $49. But we're switching to wordpress and I have no use for it. If someone wants it I'll sell the files forĀ $25. [URL] It's the sideswipe theme.

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Hypebeast...The store...The demise?

First off..I love Hypebeast, I've checked the sight everyday for the last 3 years, I've been completely infatuated with the high end street wear market every since I came upon the site.. But lately I'm becoming more and more dis-heartened with it, mostly due to there direction with the store..I understand it's a business, everyone just wants to make a buck in this world, I get that. But in the process, I&nbsp;feel like their kinda fucking up the value/coolness of this market, as well as fucking with the value of the brands they are working with. They're buying tons of&nbsp;new product and immediately discounting everything, rather than just finding new cool product to post, it's becoming all about&nbsp;getting rid of the stock they're sitting on, contradicting what they were originally all about in a way. They became the major hub for this market, now they're monopolizing and seems that&nbsp;It's slowly but surely becoming a&nbsp;Walmart for streetwear, watering the whole shit down.. I just think it kinda sucks..Bums me out to see, but the world is blowing up in like 15 days..So who gives a fuck.&nbsp;<br><br>Curious to hear if anyone else has an opinion on this. Or just&nbsp;talk shit. Supreme...<br><br><br><br>Supreme.

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