[WTB] Navy L Supreme Pocket Tee

or I can trade it for a deadstock Black Supreme Portishead/Dummy logo tee size L.

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Tailors in NYC

Anyone have good tailor recommendations in NYC? I live in BK but I'm willing to go anywhere within the 5 boroughs. I need to get some suit alterations done. I'm looking to spend 100 or less. Thanks!

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APC New Standard Size 31

Anyone got a pair in new or near new condition? hit me up.

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Sneaker Clearning/Color Restoration (Vans)

had a red stain on my Taka's I was able to remove it with oxy clean, now im trying to get the color to return. any thoughts? [URL]

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Looking for Beige colored Slim cut Pair of Pants

Anyone know where I can find some for a affordable price?

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Supereme, 10 Deep, Crooks & Castles Tees Size L

[Image] [B]Supreme[/B] - Sold all other items are slightly worn but in [B]excellent condition[/B] [B]10 Deep[/B] - Worn a handful of times and washed [B]Crooks & Castles[/B] - Worn the white tee twice and washed. The other two were worn a few times. Selling whole lot for [B]$65[/B] send [B]pms[/B] for negotiating [B]individual pieces[/B]

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[FS] UNIQLO Patchwork Flannel Check Shirt SIZE M

Bought this FALL 09'. Only wore this 2-3 times max. I've got another in a different color that I wear all the time. Great Quality. [Image] Asking $35 Shipped.

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[FS] NEW Black Naked & Famous Weird Guys size 32

All tags still on, only worn once just to try on fit. these are hard to find right now looking for $130 shipped. no trades. [Image]

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[WTB] Indigo WeirdGuys size 32

Not the 21oz, just the 13oz. get at me.

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[WTB] Grey Naked & Famous WeirdGuys size 32 or 33

lease include pics of teh sizing tag and leather patch on the back. pics must also have a piece of paper with your username on them. thanks.

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DSLR BUY ADVICE: Nikon D5000 or Canon T1i

This will be my first DSLR camera however, I've been using my rebel xti for 6+months and I've also played with my other friends D80 pretty extensively as well. i've been deliberating over which one few days. I dont plan to make my purchase until next month (when I have more saved up), but it's been on my mind a lot lately. i've been weighing the pros and cons and still can decide. I think the t1i would have slighlty better image quality and do better in low light and have better HD video capabilities. however, i think the UI system in the nikon is way better than the new UI they put in the t1i. Plus i think having the swivel lcd adds more versatility. my plan is to just buy the body and accessories together. Then just buy a lens separate. I'm looking to buy just one lens to start at it'll either be 18-105 VR/IS or 18-135 VR/IS depending on body i decide to go with. I'm looking to SPEND NO MORE THAN A GRAND for TOTAL for everything. the other alternative option is: just wait another moth save up more and buy a D90. Thanks for the Advice.

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[WTB] Red Supreme Box Logo Fitted 7 3/4

Everyone here knows what it looks like. I dont want the one with all the flags on the back. i just want the regular one. just hit me up or pm me.

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Any Jazz heads?

I've been gettin jazz a lot lately. mostly cuz i was on a ATCQ binge for awhile. then i saw this interview with qtip about this album called Bitches Brew(quite possibly the dopest name for an album) and how it was high influential for him and tribe. anyways, got the record, blew me away. so i started branched out. now im listening to the likes of Chet Baker, Charlie MIngus, Hancock, Nina Somone,coltrane, and even this new chick name Esperanza Spalding. but im lookingfor some good jazz album recommendations.

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In cali for a week

I'm staying with my fam in Newport/Laguna beach area. any good shops around here? all i see is alot old rich people and beaches.

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About Politics: Srry But it's the truth...

Watch. [URL] it's a 6 part video but im just gonna post the first 3 you can find the whole video on youtube. Just wanna get your thoughts on it. but honestly this is how i feel about it. the government has this gang mentality and it just makes me sick. *Ducks and cover*

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