[Image] What I wear. Not really flashy, but stylish, durable, and lightweight.

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"Superior" sneakers?

[URL] Not exactly sure if these are 'superior' sneakers, but these are HOT. All of the colors look amazing imo. I have a friend from Spain who can get them cheap. >smh

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HK People Check In!

Hey all. I am going to HK for my first time over spring break and I'm staying with my Chinese friend that goes to my school. I'm really excited; I'm most likely going to deplete my whole bank account shopping.:D

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Whos a Stoner?

I'm on break right now. All within 3-4 months I got caught by my parents, then by the cops, then caught at my boarding school and suspended. smh I'm on random urinalysis tests at my school for a year. Meh, rugby season is coming up anyways, so I would have stopped smoking regardless.

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How tall are you?

16 and pushing 6'3.

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North Carolina Hypebeasts

Charlotte here, I go to school in NH though.

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