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Official Haircut Thread

Sweet do's

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

So how do the wg and sg differ in fit?

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Looking for some raw denim to start off

I'm a small dude, 5'6 130lbs. Wait is like a 29. Always rocked levi's 511s and some other random jeans until now. Want to get into the raw denim game. Looking to pick up like two pairs before I head back to school. What shades of jeans do I want to look into t that will be versatile and go with almost any fit? What brand and fit should I get? Seems like APC and N&F are the frontrunners? Just looking to cop two quality pairs that will last me and be good. Don't like skin tight stuff, but slim is good. Someone point me in the right direction please? Also, how would I size since I know stretching goes on and what not. Thanks HB

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Supreme Nike Sb Lows 2012

just got my pair from UPS and I just realized they don't have the keychain on em..pretty bummed. are all pairs supposed to have it or is it random?

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