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Hey, looking to get linked in with Google+... Does anyone have an invite that they'd send my way? Thanks. Justin

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Suggestions on a bag.

I am going to be heading overseas soon... Looking for something that I can use as a medium sized bag that is durable and looks good... Anything and everything as far as suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Bay Area for a few weeks...

As the title says, i'll be in the Bay Area for a few weeks starting this coming Monday. Is there anywhere I should hit up? Looking for some new denim... The Lazy S's need a break. Btw, those pics are still somewhere in the process of .RAW conversion... up in couple of days...

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Anyone out there want to help me get off the fence. It's either the Sony a550 or the a900. 1.) Money isn't really an option 2.) Will the 14.2mp and 12,800ISO keep me happy for the years to come? 3.) a900 top of the line, or be level headed and do the a550 Just an average photog, but worried that I might outgrow the a550 at some point, then want to upgrade... Any votes one way or the other... I'll be using the camera for anything and everything. ?)

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