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My dog needs $5000 surgery :(

If anyone wants to donate $5 - $10 via Paypal myself, and my family would really appreciate it. DONATIONS CAN BE MADE TO: [email]SWEET-LADII@HOTMAIL.COM[/email] [URL] if you want to know more. Pictures of estimate is up, and Im a long time member of this forum, and would never scam you guys. [Image] Ive already encountered some insensative pricks in the shoutbox, so please, keep the negative comments about putting my dog to sleep to yourself. Ive never had to ask anyone for money in my life, so this obviously is a very serious and sensative matter to me. Im selling all my designer/favourite items and even an LV purse that was given to me as a gift. And chipping in my savings (I cant seem to find a job at the moment either) Thank you in advanced to anyone who donates, and all your good wishes are appreciated.

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Leighton Meester Sex Tape

Someone find it, and post. PLEASE. Or PM, whatever. I fucking love her.. I need it.. I will go nuts if I dont find it. smh Plus Im sure most of you want to see it anyway.

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[FS] Dior Homme Shirt Tee + Uniqlo items

Brand New With Tags Dior Homme A New Romance With Myself T-Shirt. [B]ED'S NAME IS TAGGED BECAUSE I WAS USING HIS ACCOUNTS TO SELL IT ON SUFU AND STUFF[/B] So I bought this for my boyfraaan.. Who decided to break up with me as soon as I got back from NYC.. SOOOO.. laff. I needs my money back smh [b]PS, throwing in 2 medium basic Vnecks and a long sleeve black sweater size small from Uniqlo! [/b] Purchased for $180 USD (Retail) at Dior Flagship in NYC. Asking for $115 shipped USD. add 4% if you're using paypal kthnx. You're money will be paypal'd to Ed (e), and I will send the shirt.. K cool? K good. Measurments: Sleeves: 7 inches Pit to Pit: 17.5-18 inches Pit to Bottem of Shirt: 16 inches (LINES ARE PHOTOSHOPPED IN TO SHOW WHERE MEASUREMENTS STARTED FROM) [Image]

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I know you boys have some fucked up fetishes or fantasies.. [SIZE="6"]SPILL IT!!!!!![/SIZE] blushing... For me ... in a treehouse.

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Happy Birthday Helgen =)

[Image] Not much to say. Just didnt see anyone make this thread, and you deserve one because you're awsome and Puerto Rican.

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If Hypebeast were a highschool.

Kinda a fun game, I guess. Who would you be ? What roles would you play? Me personally in real life I keep to myself, eat by myself, sleep during the whole school day, and go for walks at lunch.. What typical role would you play?.. I think it will be interesting to see how others perceive themselves.

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The "AIDS MAN"..

I dont know if any of ya'll have seen this, or have previously posted this, but this shit is fucked up if you ask me. I would KILL this dude, if that ever happend to me. Although Id never slut myself out to some random off the street, if this shit is real, none of these girls deserve this shit.. Dudes fucked up foreal. [URL]

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Facebook Graffiti?

So I know some of ya'll in here are good at graffiti in real life, but since facebook has that application, do any of ya'll actually try to like.. DO GOOD shit on there? They hold competitions and shit for it too. Do any of you guys have masterpieces from FB graff? lol.. post em please =).. even if they aint that good, JUST POST... =)

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Unusual Culinary Indulgence?

What are some weird ass things you like to eat? (Pics would be nice) Mine : Cherry Chip cake batter [Image] Raw Egg + Soya Sauce mixed....for Hot pot. No pic

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