Clash of Clans

anyone play this game on the iphone? one of the highest grossing apps of all time. just curious to see who plays this on here.

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ex lapd cop going on a rampage and murdering all corrupt lapd officers

anybody following this story? shit is ridiculous. just a little background, this ex lapd cop got fired for calling out another officer who kicked a suspect multiple times, lapd fired him because they felt he was snitching, and now 3 years later he's killing every shady officer in lapd. some background articles here. he's already murdered a couple in orange county, and now he's shot 3 other officers in riverside. read his manifesto calling out all the lapd officers. shit is as real as it gets.,0,2254731,full.story manifesto: this a real life movie out here in la. [Image]

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[IM-KING] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

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