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Roots Canada - 12.25oz Cone Mills White Oak Selvedge

I mainly bought these because no one knows about them and they're Roots lol. Fit is similar to 501's but a bit slimmer. It narrows past the knee. The construction of the jeans are very good for it's price. The details are very minimal which I like. I'll probably put very casual wear into these. 20% discount if you have a student card. Retail was $128, with discount after tax was $115. You'll probably find these in locations that sell denim, not all their stores. [Image]

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Regional Marketplace

I was wondering if we could have a subsection in the Regional forums. I understand we have an Official thread for selling, but it's really hard to find the things you want. First off, it's the same 5 people that post 30+ images of the same items on [B]every single page[/B]. It's ridiculous, it's hard to find the items you're really looking for. Please take a minute of your time and glimpse through our thread to see what I'm talking about: [URL] The people who have legitimate items to sell often get flooded by these same spammers and there's no rule or moderation in place to stop these people from pasting their stuff every page. It wouldn't take much effort to make a new subsection and it would clear up the clutter for people who actually want to buy and sell. Thanks.

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*Official FAQ*: A Guide To Buying Online

[B]*Disclaimer:[/B] By no means am I an expert in this field. I find myself repeating a lot of what is said here and upon request I decided to make a thread for Canadians so they know the types of charges they will have to pay when buying online. As well, tips and ways of avoiding most of these fees. Before I begin, it’s important to understand the types of fee you will have to pay and what they all mean. For more information, you can look at the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA): [URL] - DHL *Will update as needed.

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Photography of my Whip

All done with a point and shoot camera, I have limited Photoshop skills =x [Image]

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