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download johan santanas no hitter

does anyone know any site where they uploaded the full game for download??

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Anyone here a DJ?

I've been Dj-ing for a few months now doing house partys. Since summer is around the corner, I'm looking to get into DJ-ing more. I'm basically self-taught and I really wish I could find someone I could be an understudy for. I don't know anyone in the DJ world. How do I go about doing this?

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Real Talk: file sharing site dont work?

i feel after megaupload got shut down nothing works no more. filesonic fileserve changed settings. rapidshare dont even work no more for me. where u guys download ur movie files now??

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Real Talk: Cheapest Niggas Yall Ever Seen Vol. "Nah bro, I got no cash...I mean swag""

There always be one nigga in ur group of friends or yall know someone whose stingy to da max. It be my biggest pet peeve, in that spirit Lets share our stories here. Ill start off: Got a friend good dude. But nigga is stingy as hell. Always the first one to say "nah cant do it, got no money" meanwhile he smokes up w his room mate every night. When we go out to eat nigga will ninja out paying for his shit +$1 for tax and tip. Leaving other people to fork over more cash. Then go out for a smoke saying, "what took yall so long?" Same dude got a car but that shit never moves unless its for a girl. Best excuse be "cant drive, my headlights b busted, its dangerous ya know?" LMK if u know someone whose worse than this

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Anyone know how to shrink a Nike DRI-FIT shirt?

got a late xmas present. its in size small and its like a medium. Cant return them cus small is the smallest size they have. Anyone know how to shrink it?

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Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 - STREAM?

anyone know where i can find a live stream of this fight???

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ID these broads

this must be the dumbest video in the world. good thing YC dumped him on racks. but the broads are hot fire. can anyone ID these broads?? [URL]

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UFC 134 online stream??

any ufc fans out there know a place to watch the fights online? much appreciated.

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Pussy Magnet whips

Borrowed my boys Yukon today took a drive w it and picked up some bitches and dam I must say shits a pussy magnet. What other Whips are pussy magnets? Post yo pics

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Real Talk: Making some extra cash at home

Real Talk: Anyone on hb know any way to make some extra cash at home? I'm not looking for some internet get rich quick schemes. Not looking to be the next millionaire cus they don't work. But looking for some money to make outside of my job. Just something that gives a quick 50 or something. Maybe ebay vending? or advertising? anything that is LEGIT. LMK hb!

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Is this shit legit?? anyone have experience using it? Real Talk plz.

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Real talk: anyone into DJing? Need some help on my first go at it.

Whats up guys, I'm going for my first attempt at DJing at my sisters sweet sixteen this october. I convinced my parents to let me handle the music for the night. The event isn't a big venue around 50 people, majority (~30) family who don't have the best knowledge of music, but they are down to dance to anything. I really feel this is a great opportunity for me try out this hobby. It shouldn't be anything too over the top, just straight up mixing songs and keeping the night going. I don't plan on scratching or making ridiculous beats. I do not have any equipment, I thinking of renting a package for the night (mixer, amp and 2 large speakers). I hope to run the mp3's through my laptop since I already have VirtualDJ Pro 7. I have about enough music for the night for sure. I will run through with my sister and parents with a playlist of the songs for the night What I'm really asking is ur opinions on what I should expect, equipment I should get, techniques you DJs out there use to MC the night as the musics going. Any sort of advice would be helpful! THANKS!

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yeah call me a noob but why hb delete my threads??

yeah ♥♥♥♥♥. Im new to this shit but y HB moderators be deleting my threads??? I jus wana know yalls opinions on what fone to get. Whats good with that?

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dam, wouldn't being a porn star great

u get to fuck all the hottest bitches on a daily basis. That shits easy money if you run you own site. Best of both worlds. What yall thinkin?

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Who dis beezy??

Whose the cutie in this video? Whats her name? where can i get more of her? &) [URL]

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