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Where Do You Get Your Prints, Printed?

Sup. Where do you guys usually get your prints of your pictures? Staples? Ritz? DoItYourSelf? Been going to Staples for a minute, and lately I'm not pleased with what I've been getting for print quality...any BETTER suggestions? word thanks

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Girl BS

I feel like an idiot posting on the forum and I'm expecting some serious fire, but I need some outside advice. I've been with my girl for almost three years, and she can be crazy jealous at times. I have a friend that is a girl as well, and she has a bit of a crush on me, its nothing serious. But my girl is giving me all types of heat because myself and that girl chill. But when we chill its always with a few of my friends or in a group, there is no one on one stuff. I told my girlfriend I would stop being friends with her just to make her happy...but what would you do? For real. I need that advice.

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[Image] "Ron English recently posted the above pic to Popaganda.com. We

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Dunny English Series

[Image] Looks good to me. smokeyface

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Where Were You on 9/11?

Ready Set Go.

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Brady is Out

So I guess he's done for the season, anyone hear about this?

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Driving Under the Influence

Ok do you operate in a fashion that endangers others or are you ACTUALLY a decent driver? I'm hammered, what do you have to say?

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Georgia /// Russia /// South Ossetia Conflict

Thoughts? Heres to catch you up to speed ::: [URL] Sorry if this has been posted already.

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I can't believe this stuff actually happens....wow

[URL] All I have to say...this is unreal....

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Walk Hard haha

see it drunk just got out of a midnight showing...i liked it i'm gonnas see ti sobber though. hahaaaa

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Best In Show

What an Insane movie...a comedy yes I understand. However there are ACTUALLY people out there like that, in its own thats sickening. Anyone see this? Thoughts?

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Biggie Remix on My Myspace

[URL] first remix I've done. check it out let me know what you think its the last song

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Anyone use facebook? I know theres a hypebeast group on there. if so whats your REAL name o_O

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Help Making A Beat

Hey whats up guys, hope yall had a great weekend. Looking for a bit of help on a beat I'm working on...having some trouble with a melody...its got a real dnb style to it and I'm not sure what I'm looking to add to it...kinda hit a road block. I use fruity loops (I know it sucks) but I'm not to serious about beats...just something a friend and I do together. But yea let me know if anyone wants to maybe give me a hand either through AIM or whatever. Thanks

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Why the fuck do women just suck so bad? Why do they fucking lack logic and reasoning....are they just fucking retarted? I swear I don't wanna get married....I'll die fucking young if I do.

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