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Photos from Your Cellphone Thread

Maybe this should be posted in the arts section. Maybe this was stolen/ inspired from sufu. Maybe you have some great photos/ experiences you want to share. This is not a photo dump, this is your iphone/ Galaxy S5's place to shine. All photos allowed, from some buildings you saw, to other inspirational shit. Let's get it rollin'. [Image]

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What Was Your Best Purchase Of 2013?

Post pics or whatever of your best purchase clothing related or anything in general you think was a good investment or whutev. I copped some n&f denim which was a step up for my brokeboi self coming from unbranded. What did you get hb!?

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Off Topic Gaming Talk

I guess you could use this for new games coming out, or games you wanna talk about! + Any gaming questions related to games or equipment I guess. -Anyone tried out Nether for PC, and is it similar to DayZ? -anyone play DayZ? -about to add everyone in about a week when I get access to my other pc on steam who wanted to play CS:GO together.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

I Purchased an Xbox One, AMA

Ask Me Anything - Xbox One related.

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Official Twitter Feed vol. HB Edition

Anyone gonna hit me up on that GTA Online @DStyles23 #GTA5  EDIT: the point of this thread was just to say stupid shit and make it look like a twitter feed, none of y'all followed, as if I haven't seen there was a twitter thread already fuck outta here..

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Post Your GTA V Snaps!

As the title states! Be aware that spoilers are inevitable. edit: photos aren't that interesting due to social club being down the whole time! [Image]

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Cooking Suggestions?

Hey fam, dad just told me start cooking meals, looking at recipes and all that. what're all your favorite dishes? hit me with the links,  - if this thread really wanted to thrive, could do like food challenges then take pics..  - but anyway, provide suggestions of good food that's like possibly easy to cook, or the intermediate level etc  - not looking for mac n cheese, top ramen, etc

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iPhone Syncing Issue

[Image] any solutions, says I don't have enough space when I clearly do.. Don't wanna lose all my stuff by restoring...

2 Weeks ago in Tech

Making a Stable Wardrobe

I'm going into my senior year in high school, and before I blow my load (no pun intended) What're some key parts to a stable wardrobe? In other words, what's in style, and or versatile? Just throw some items that are considerable, or even better.. What do you expect to get, unless you're a graduate and you loot from your mom's purse. Suggestions? Thanks P.S. Fox Tails in?

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I just wanna get some feedback on belts that're good and what kind of belts everyone rocks. I currently want a Gucci belt, but I need to reconsider, I currently have a thin black polo belt but, am looking for something that makes somewhat of a statement, any suggestions?

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