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Tunji Ige - On My Grind [Saw this on Pitchfork..Pretty Fire]

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FS: Real Tree Camp[red box]Purple Shadow Plaid and more[NON-RAPE]

serious inquiries only! no low ballers! everything is ds/unworn/never tried on more tagged pics upon request real tree - $85 shadow plaid - $70[pending to LLEPSKRAD] hall of fame upside down lakers - $50 black scale x jun cha snapback (limited to around 30 pieces) - $40 the funeral snap and paisley camp are sold add 10 dollars for shipping inside the us (outside the us- depends on your location) add 4% to the total or gift my paypal email is poisencontrol@gmail.com [Image]

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Asaad Is a 21 year old emcee from philly..He's signed to Pusha T's re-up gang records..His music is fresh..kind of a luxury rap thats still grimy and hood but still overly intellectual..He has a mixtape dropping on the 29th or March 1st entitled "New Black History Month" ... His latest mixtape is #DIRTYMIDDLECLASS -you can dl @ asaad.bandcamp.com or http://illroots.com/2011/12/27/asaad-dirty-middle-class-mixtape/ Here's his latest vid Jumanji flow below ..I tried put up a good assortment of songs..more than enough for you to get familiar with asaad..also he's @_asaad on twitter ...Im very suprised this kid isnt huge by now..hopefully through word of mouth we can get him there ..and no i am not asaad lol [Embed content]

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[Pistols In Paradise](new designs-store updated!) – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

Pistols In Paradise is a gritty and witty underground street-wear brand out of Arizona. We exist to bridge a gap that no one really has before, between the streets and the beach. It’s a quest for a better life and at the same time staying true to the inner city elements that you rose from. [excerpt from [URL] with Pistols In Paradise Creator , Kevin O'Brien" available for purchase on http://pistolsinparadise.com/ [Image]

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BrainBandits.com Official Thread

BrainBandits is a subsidiary blog/magazine of IHEARTBRAIN (see.feel.think/iheartbrain.com) based in NYC. IHB is an imprint for musical artists run by artists and BrainBandits.com is essentially a place where we post music,art,fashion etc that we personally enjoy and more importantly a place for original content such as our own music,interviews,videos,editorials etc . Everything we do is in-house , we are totally self sufficient and self reliant We're active hypebeast readers so we figured we'd try to connect with our fellow hypebeasters if you have anything you want us to know abt .send it here brainbandito@gmail.com for updates follow @brainbandits

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WTB : T2i or T3i

sell me your dslr that you bought to seem cool but you never use or the cam your parents bought you but you need drug money and they wont notice you sold it.....or w.e im not a troll i just want a cam for cheap..lmk what u got

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listen to my music..pleaseee it doesnt suck loll

hey wassup..im chad..cc..cl..cl sick..w.e u wanna call me..im an mc from nj..im 20..ive been on a bunch of blogs..ddotomen..kevnot...some other ones i forgot abt.one of my tracks was on djbooth.net..blah blah...not trying to be a fucking blog rapper tho all this music im posting is like 8 months to a year old...and recorded at my home stu...i just wanted to drop some shit on here..so i could get some feedback..meet some producers..some artists..and all in all just some cool ass ppl...ugh my team is poise n control..thats my g.o.o.d music ..my young money..lol ..all my ♥♥♥♥♥s are under poise n control.. poise n control (poison control) just means we're controlling what we see..we're filtering out the bullshit(poison).. im currently working on my debut Teenage Wasteland..which is probs gonna drop in the summer... shits gonna be nutso.. coco rosie samples..crystal castle loops...flylo production..hudson mohawke...brandun deshay production..inhouse production by poise n control ..concepts..party shit..deep shit..everything...my style is very broad and skitzo..everything from core hiphop..to sing songy rap of glitch and electro....Ive secured a dj booth sponsor..im hoping to get more..hypetrak would be fucking ill.. iigh so i just want yall to get familar with me..here are the tracks...... most of these tracks will be on the lp but they will be more expanded upon versions..with industry quality mixes last day of summer....[URL] iigh these r the demos...feedback is appreciated..constructive crit...praise... dick riding..hate is all welcome... loll and again..thank you...umm i wrote a ton..i hope some1 reads it..thatd be stellar...

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All rappers please read!

um ive been rapping for like 6 or 7 years..blah blah..and i love letting ppl hear my music so i can get feedback and shit like that... i see rappers on here that just post like zipped folders of shit...thats kind of crazy..like let ppl hear something via stream or youtube...or even a file sharing site where u can embed a player..or play the music on the site...also use mp3 format when you want ppl to listen..dont put out big ass wav files that you have to dl or some obscure ass aac file or some wild shit shit like that loll if ur new and unheard of..ur a crazy fuck if you think someones gonna download..some big ass folder of shit..lol you have to put urself in the shoes of the listener.... iigh im done..loll - CC of Poise n Control

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