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if they never changed the layout...

you think these forums would be more popular than it was in the summer? it takes 6 days to make a 6 page hate thread. took like ten minutes in the summer to hate on kirskay that much.

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why would someone choose to be poor?

i got my poor friend a job washing dishes, now he says he is gonna quit cause he doesn't think he will have the time during the school year. i asked about the weekends and he said he shouldn't have to work on the weekend blinkyeyes this kid needs the money for college and shit cause he wont be able to get a student loan. shit doesn't add up, i don't even need a job really and i'm gonna be working during the weekends during the school year. shit doesn't add up why the fuck would someone choose to be poor? ?)

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everyone help me out please

[URL] Everyone give this kid a negative comment. This kid used to go to my school and make fun of autistic kids. Real asshole.

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Green Hornet

just came back from seeing it. pretty good movie. It had good action and was funny at the same time.makes me want to look into the comic series more though.

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Predictions on DETOX?

how does everyone think Detox will turn out? based on the recent releases by dre. personally it looks like it will good. But not as good as the chronic or 2001. Dre is a good producer yes, but eminem is an average rapper. And eminem will be on this album alot I think.

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