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Girl problems fam

I know this shit long but look  I been having girl problems lately, so I'm currently in my senior year of high school and I've been talking to this girl since we got back in school in august. Prior to me starting to talk to her I didn't really know her like that. I seen her around school but I never really talked to her until she followed me on twitter. But I started to talk to her when school started and we started to get cool around each other. I found out we got a whole lot of shit in common. I put her on to so much new stuff. shes like the perfect girl for me shes like 10/10. So in October the day before her birthday I told her I like her and she was shocked. Weeks later I asked her how she felt about me and she said she liked me but she don't want to get in a relationship because of her last one. Her last relationship lasted a year and some months. They broke up because she moved and they couldn't do that long distance shit. She told me she wasn't ready for  relationship yet so I just chilled out. After she told me how she felt we started to get closer we hung out more and shit and it felt like we was in a relationship. We was doing that cliche couple shit. But before thanksgiving break we had a falling out because this nigga was flirting with her in my face and she was wearing his varsity jacket and shit and so I got mad, Instead of fixing the problem I walked away so she decided to ignore me that whole night.But during the break we barely talked and one day I texted her telling her how imma chill out trying to be in a relationship and I told her how i don't wanna be led on. So after that she start to post pics on instagram about relationships and stuff and she starts to tweet how she misses what we had. But I ignored that shit because if she wanted to be together she would make that effort. So days past and we start to talk again but it doesn't feel the same. The other day I asked her to prom and she told me she already had a date. Fam I feel so hurt and played should I work things out or just move on.    Edit: I got a school varsity jacket too for track&field. Today I learned from a mutual friend that the girl Im talking to said she is hurt because I dont talk to her no more or put effort in anymore. I'm not going for it tho, If she cared she would of showed it while we was talking

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