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FAO: London People

anyone going to this? sorry bout the big pic but cba to crop it [Image]

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is betting on sports illegal in the US?

like do you lot not have any shops like this: [Image]

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Where Can I Buy These??

[Image] preferably on the internet or in britain because i live in england

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I need a hair cut

i'm going to get my hair cut in like an hour or something, need ideas.... was thinking of getting an under cut or something any ideas from anyone?

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A Remix I Made

I made this with using some of the stems that tokimonsta had on her site tell me what you think? not seen many people posting there own music on here, do many people make beats? here's the link anyway www,soundcloud,com/plainface/the-back-of-my-lungs/ put full stops instead of commas, it won't let me post links because of my post count...

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