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[Quote] I suggest before you make comments like that, you should do your homework. Read this for example: [URL] It's an article written by Jonny 5 (the lead singer) and it's a pretty good article. It's very sad that you waste your time in this forum just making meaningless comment. But hey, if that's what you like doing than I guess you go right ahead, have fun.

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maybe you guys need to check out their lyrics. they're not another mainstream group. their music has CONTENT, ya know? i mean even handle bars has a meaning behind it

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They're dope. Anyone heard of them? I really like their new single "Rise" much better than "Handlebars." Here's the video for "Rise" [URL] Thoughts? PJ umg

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America's Best Dance Crew

who do you guys think will win?

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vacation in fla

i've been to miami and that was poppin

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New interview with Lupe Fiasco

i love reading his interviews. lupe is g o d

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